Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aidan's backpack.. Gap's collections are oh so niceeee!

Well, not that we like to spend so much on stuff, but we are really fortunate about it.. Hehehe.. Daddy always feel proud about me, saying that mummy has a lot of connections out there, that we always get a lot of benefits and special treatments out of it.. Kekeke.. Mummy love to make friends, and it will be awesome to have lots of them.. It is true that if we do something good to people, we will be rewarded by Allah later on.. So, a lot of my stuff are crazy cheap! (Well, mummy got a lot of friends working for boutiques, event planner and stuff- Thanks to Fairul, BCBG girl 'F', Putra 'Cosry' (my forever and always will be one of my fav designers), Aunty Evie (who will be incharged in handling Aidan's akikah later on.. My best bud!, and etc.. etc.. Hehehe..

I have my sister in Arizona, USA, who has been such a great sister to all of us, the siblings.. Ateh, as what you should call her is a very bright person and brighter when it comes to cheap shopping.. Ateh just know where and when to get nice stuff at a very cheap price.. The day mummy got back from the hospital, Opah hand me Ateh's gift to you.. They were tops, baby clothes, jumper, and a lot more, and they were all very.. very.. very.. CHEAP! For Oshkosh B'gosh and Carter's, they were like $3 USD each, and if calculate, they are all like RM 12 per piece.. Hahaha.. and some of them are RM 10 only, once converted!

It has been our style to ask her to shop for us, and send it over.. :) Since the next shipping is next month, we are looking for stuff to purchase, and for mummy, this Gap backpack is the right choice.. Hmmm.. maybe only around RM 50.. so why not?? SUPER! Well, for those who are interested on anything, please let me know, we are open for help.. The prices on the internet, although already being discounted, may still be cheaper than that if my sister buy it straight from the warehouse.. Nice!! So hurry up, the ship is about to sail.. the ship is about to sail..! Kekeke..

The Blue Dino or the Green Dino?? Hmmm.. let me think..

This one is a MUST!! Cute.. Super cute! So this one, and maybe the Green Dino, right? :)
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