Monday, October 19, 2009

Aidan in his 'quack quack' top! That yellow duck! :) Aidan is 1 month old!

Mummy : How do i know that he is getting bigger and bigger??
Idea : Observe that little duck! :)

Well, Alhamdulilah, those who came to see you gave mummy positive feedbacks on your growth.. 'Aidan is doing so much better, huh?? And now, look at him.. 'Dah ada isi..'- That is their exact words.. Hahaha.. Best2.. :P

However, since you are always right infront of me, mummy find it difficult to see the difference.. Not that i didn't realize at all, but it takes me quite some time to really see it.. So, last nite, instead of putting you in your prem pajamas, i decided to let you wear 0-3 months- normal baby size top, your duckling top, and yup, it covers your whole body.. :P

Mummy then captured a picture of you in it..

Labelled: Aidan and yellow duck, 1 month old..

Now, mummy will take your picture in the same top, every month until you really fit in it.. Since Aidan is a prem baby, he may take some time to really do so.. :) It's okay baby.. you'll getting there.. :)

Much love from mummy!

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