Monday, October 19, 2009

They say that the wet tissue may help him stop his hiccups! It works! :)

Pity Aidan..

This is how he sleeps at night.. Aidan has to sleep in his rocking chair, due to his breathing and swallowing challenges.. However, Aidan would cry at around 5 in the morning, 'asking'mummy to cuddle him to sleep, and mummy would put him right by mummy's side, and Aidan would sleep like a big boy, with a 'BIG-no-no-swaddle-mummy!'..

*Sigh.. this baby of mine thinks that he is big enough now.. Alhamdulillah, he is such a strong boy.. I used to be worried so much about him, but now, he always show me positive progress, and it seems to me like he is yelling.. 'Mummy, i'm fine.. No worries!'.. Kekeke.. If only he could tell me that for real.. Hahaha.. It will be great right??.. And scary (in a way!) Hahaha..

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