Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dr Cheng.. Dr Cheng.. Calling Dr Cheng.. :P

Aidan's new paediatrician is none other than the one-famous-among-our-family-members, kekeke.. Dr Cheng Seong Wai.. Hello Dr Cheng!!

Aidan's previous Doc is Dr Sanjay Woodhull, from SDMC.. We loved Dr Sanjay since he took care of you while you were admitted there for 2 weeks.. Mummy and Daddy decided for you to stick with him for long, since he was there on the day you were born and that he knew you from your day 1.. However, since our appointment with him was yesterday, but for some reason, we couldn't make it on time, we failed to see him (plus, he left for holiday already- Deepavali celebration!)

As we still need to proceed with your Hep A injection, Maktam suggested us, Wawa's Dr Cheng.. Hihihi.. Dr Cheng is also your cousin- Wawa's paediatrician.. With your blocking nose (got boogey boogey huh??:P) condition also, mummy and daddy decided to give it a go! Daddy mentioned that your other cousins, Harith and Aniq also using the same Dr.. Wow.. one famous Doc huh, Dr Cheng.. Kekeke.. :)

So today, mummy and daddy brought you to see him.. What a nice guy he was.. He just knew how to handle you, and without having to ask me a lot of questions, he detected all the blocking nose, and attended to me on your feeding regime, and why you actually always vomiting.. Oh baby.. Your system doesn't really work that well just yet, the fact that you are actually should still be in my womb.. Hmmm.. 3 more weeks to go actually.. :P

The injection was carefully done,and Uwaaaaaaaaa! You cried.. And today, it is the first day mummy saw you cry in tears.. So touching, sayang.. But Aidan is one tough boy!

The rest, Alhamdulillah.. in one month, Aidan is now.. 2.15 kg, and 47 cm long.. :)Yesss!

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