Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rock-a-bye Baby ! Thanks to Aunty Feeza and Aunty Lin..

Since Aidan has a little challenge to swallow, (yup, last time, a challenge to suck.. hehe.. well, he's getting there.. this super duper prem baby), mummy asked Dr Cheng whether there's a possibility for my baby to suffocate while he sleeps, or choking to be exact.. And he agreed.. "Oh my..!"

So, what should i do?? Hmmm.. "Get a rocking chair.. Aidan needs one.. He needs to sleep on it, so that his head held high.." Okie dokie Dr Cheng.. :)

Well.. ting.. ting.. ting.. ting.. ting.. !!! Now i remember.. Thanks Aunty Feeza and Aunty Lin.. Since you guys bought Aidan his rocking chair as a present that day, mummy and daddy could save a little.. Hahaha.. What a help! :))

Thanks a Mill honsssss!!

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