Saturday, October 3, 2009

Preparing baby Aidan to come home..Thanks Makngah!! :)

He's home! :)

Finally, he is home.. :) It has been 4 days now.. Yeepee! I am so happy!!

Dr. Sanjay's rep called me up last Wednesday to deliver that great news.. "Well, Aidan can be discharged today, mummy.. He has been doing really well now.. You may bring him home..!".. And mummy was like.. "Is it??.. can i like go now.. i mean now!!??".. Kekekeke..

Since it was such an amazing day for mummy, mummy decided to share it with Makngah.. I asked her to accompany me and daddy to go and fetch you.. Mummy brought you your prem shirt that i bought the day before (cute little thing for 'early baby', as they called it- Thanks to Mothercare! They have shirt for the prems.. :P), and also your Moses Basket, your so called 'transporter'.. My heart was beating fast and i felt really on top of the world.. We waited for you patiently in the feeding room.. And then you came in.. *ohhhhh SIGH!! :)))))

"Don't forget to give a honk, long honk once you arrive home.." Maktam and Opah's advice to me.. Well, according to them, it is like a prayer for little Aidan or newborn,to be 'someone- orang besar2 later on'.. Kekeke.. It was really funny but a great, nice try.. InsyaAllah- Amin.. :) Daddy gave not only a long honk, but long, short, long, long, short, long, short and longgggggg honk!! Hahaha.. It was hillarious, really..

Everyone waited for Aidan's arrival at home.. Opah, Makngah's family, Maktam and baby Wawa, Haikal, little Nurin and colorful balloons.. Opah and everyone greeted Aidan with prayers, and it was a really beautiful welcome home celebration.. Now that Aidan is here, i feel so safe, so happy and so calm.. He is my life's gift.. Let alone Gucci or LV.. Hahaha..

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