Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nyum.. nyum.. nyum.. This is niiiiicceee!! :)

What are you doing missy?? Are you trying to choke me?? Hehehe..

Arghhhhh.. Burpppp! Alhamdulillah.. :)

Huh what was that all about?? I'm full though.. :P

What a feeding method.. Is it 'choking feeding' method?? Hmmm.. :P

I was looking at my mobile pics, when i came across 2-3 pics that i captured earlier on how the nurses were taught to feed the babies, and ofcoz, my little Aidan.. It was one day before Aidan being discharged, wehereby Dr Sanjay suggested for me and my hubby to spend more time with my baby, and may be learned few things on how to handle the infants especially my prem..

We were taught on how to feed him, and my oh my, in a very unique way, i supposed.. Hahaha.. I was like.. ' is this for real, missy?? you are like choking my son..' :P and this missy replied.. 'no lah.. he is fine..' and looking at Aidan, he was all confused.. Hahaha.. Just look at the pictures.. Choking or not choking?? :P
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