Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hey!! Meet our new family member.. Aidan's Virtual Pet, and we named 'her' 'Monroe'..

onroe is such a cute lion cub.. It is yellow + orange + brown in color.. Mummy said by having own pet, it will change one's life.. This is because, it is true that those who actually have pets, are more loving, generous, happy, calm, patience and etc..

After spending some time searching for the right pet to be adopted, we came across one adoption centre that allows us take care of our pet in this very blog, and we just loved the idea.. :) Yup, it's true that it is just a virtual pet, but, it is a great start to both of us.. We might want to consider having the real one ourselves.. :)

Daddy also did mention the idea of having a cat.. Hehehe.. Cute ones.. :P But, it is such an amazing feeling to actually acknowledge that we could have a lion cub for once.. Kakaka!
So, Monroe is our latest love.. We would feed 'her' everyday until 'she' grows big and strong! Much love!!

Monroe : as we love her day by day :

Name : Monroe ( Marilyn Monroe?? Paris version?? Nahhh.. i had this name earlier than her.. Kekeke)

Sex : Female

Color : Yellow + Orange + Brown :))

Age : 1 year old

Where did we get her from :

Food : Meat!

Owner : Khalif Aidan

How much we love Monroe : Plus a thousand every single day!! :))

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