Friday, October 16, 2009

Never thought of making it 'public'.. Give us some LOVE!! :)

Thanks to all who commented and send me messages on how sweet my blog is.. Sweet?? Hahaha.. I never thought of making it big, that's why only certain people know about this blog.. I keep it real private.. This is because, not that i have a lot of things to share like the rest, i only focus on my son ( the time i was expecting him, and now that he's here, my focus is on his development and my joy of having him ).. :) I tried to make one for myself last time, after looking at few of my friends, having a lot of things to share, and my pet sis, Fara, made a joke about it..Saying, "sis, u ni banyak benda nak share kan??".. Hahaha.. I just laugh since it lasted for only few months, and i ended up coming back to Aidan's.. :P

However, it is good to have this blog.. I still remember that when i was about to deliver to Aidan, my dear friend, Mai, after few days of not seeing me in FB, quickly log into this blog, to see what happened to us, and she read that we were admitted in SDMC.. Hehehe.. Some of my friends even sob after reading what happened to us.. Hehehe.. Relax guys..:)

This blog is dedicated to my first born, Aidan.. For him to read later on, that's why i choose to write down only love and affection.. :) It is great to have so much love in our lives, than heartache and hate.. We choose to live HAPPILY! :) Hahaha..

To all my ONLY FEW visitors, thanks for all the supports and love you showed us.. We really appreciate every single one of you.. Now that mummy has all her time with the 'kecik', we will update the latest news about us ofcoz.. Our mummy-son time together.. Our activities and outings.. Our yearly vacations, new findings and exciting projects, our shopping trips.. Yeepee!!

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