Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The way we do our shout outs to the loved ones.. Aidan's special baby announcement cards..

Okay, the themes are cars and animals.. Mummy just love to play with stickers nowadays.. Cute lil thing, with many shapes and colors.. Hehehe.. Wait till you see your Baby Record Book.. I just love it so very very much.. :)

Thanks to mummy's own search engine, on the backgrounds, especially, as mummy found a lot of nice backgrounds there.. To MPH, the stickers are great, but hmmmm.. some people suggested that they are a little bit expensive, ah haaaa.. but mummy just need it to make your baby announcement project a reality..

Mummy already gave half of the cards to our family, relatives, mummy and daddy's friends, Sime Darby Medical Centre staff, and its nursery, for taking care of you while there.. They also loved it!!

Check out Aidan's baby announcement cards.. They are so special as mummy did them myself with nothing but love, pleasure and affection of having you.. Love ya!


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