Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is my baby developing normally? Ohhh, 'begini ghupernyer..' :)

Remember, each baby is unique and meets cognitive milestones at her own pace. These are simply guidelines to what your baby has the potential to accomplish -- if not right now, then shortly.
And if your baby was born prematurely, you'll probably find that she'll need time before she can do the same things as other children her chronological age. That's why most babies born prematurely are given two ages by their paediatricians -- their chronological age (calculated from their birthday) and their adjusted age (calculated from their due date). You should measure your child against her adjusted age, not her chronological one. Don't worry. Most doctors assess a premature child's development from the time she should have been born and evaluate her skills accordingly.

Hmm.. based on your adjusted age, Aidan is only 20 days old.. :) So, nearly to 1 month..

Your 1-month-old's development

* Holding her head up

* Exploring extremities- her own hands and legs

* Learning to soothe herself

* Look who's babytalking now

* Baby listens and enjoys music

* Eyes can track objects now

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