Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Aunty Fiena

Support Our Aunty Fiena!

Hey all, a quick shout out to all viewers!

Anyone (especially to all my aunties yang gorgeously bertudung :), here, mummy and Aidan would like to promote our Aunty Fiena's blog on 'tudung-s'.. kekeke.. Aunty Fiena is one of mummy's best friends, and we love her so mucho chacho.. She is now an upcoming succesfull
entrepreneur, okay.. A business lady on tudungs.. :)

Do support her, okay?

Here is the blog address:http://stylomuslimcity.blogspot.com/

Mummy and Aunty Fiena, celebrating single-hood for the last time.. Yup, we got married at exactly 1 month different

Gorgeous Aunty Fiena on her solemnization day
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