Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let's 'Bur-germbira!'

Today, daddy decided to have burger for breakfast.. Yesterday he had lasagna.. Wow.. I know what you're thinking.. Hmmm, western ajo..! Kekeke.. But i don't want to take credit for it.. It is ready- made lasagna.. What i did is just heated it.. Thanks to Achik Ha's microwave.. Kekeke..

Since daddy came with the idea, Opah's also fell into it.. ' Mak, you want burger for breakfast? Menantu mak nak makan burger today.. I can make one for you.. ' ' Ok gak '.. - Opah.. So just now mummy made burgers for breakfast, and daddy had two of them.. Waaaaaa.. daddy! Power! Kekeke..

Well, nothing special, just that we felt like we just had burger party just now.. :) Kekeke..

This morning, everyone felt so happy that we BUR-GERMBIRA together2.. Hehehe.. Best2.. :)

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