Friday, November 20, 2009

Mummy's endless nights!

Result to : Sleepy nyerrrrr!!

But mummy feel so happy each time i put my eyes on you.. You are getting bigger and bigger.. And now, you can't wear most of your clothes, my dear.. They are all small.. :P

So tomorrow, mummy and daddy decided to shop for your essentials.. We might be getting you some new fresh clothes, more 'huggies' for next week's stock, and yup.. your formula.. We decided to change your Similac Advance Formula to something else.. Why? Hmmm.. Mummy's 'gatal tangan', i browse and read the review about it, and it seems like it is not the favorites among the mothers, and that they mentioned that the formula is too harsh for babies tummies.. Hmm.. it explains why Aidan keep on vomitting most of the time after his feedings.. So, change.. change.. change.. To what?? We have no idea just yet.. I shall do my homework tonight.. Any suggestions guys?? :P Kalau fikir sedap, milo ajo! Kekeke..

Oh, tomorrow is Saturday! Yeahh.. we are going to Tok Ba's and we might be spending our night there.. Yeahh!!
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