Friday, November 13, 2009

Remember the 'duckling'?

Hey all.. still remember Aidan's 'duckling' baby attire? Yup.. i was using it to 'measure' my son.. Kekeke.. Measure? Don't get me wrong.. Since Aidan is a prem baby, he didn't really fit into 0-3 months baby clothes, and mummy and daddy ended up buying him, his prem baby clothes.. They were all cute since they were so small, so tiny.. :)

However, mummy really want to see my son grow and as he is always right infront of me, mummy tend to not really realize it.. So, mummy decided to let him wear this duckling shirt and pants every month on the 13th, to see when it is actually going to fit.. So here they are.. The first picture is the October, and the next is this month.. Can you see the difference? :))


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