Friday, November 13, 2009

4.36 am snap! Daddy-son Bond2.. Kekeke..

Alalalala.. so sweet.. The 2 most important men in my life now!

Uwaaaaaa! Aidan cried at exactly 4.30 am.. Mummy woke up and truly understand why.. " Okay darling, mummy know, it's your feeding time.. " Daddy was there to help me, and as he was looking after you while mummy preparing your milk, daddy fell asleep! Kikiki.. Pity daddy.. He was very.. very.. tired..

4.36 am.. " What a beautiful moment.. Daddy- son bonding! I shall snap this for Aidan to see later on! " Kikiki.. Aidan felt really comfortable, that he too was about to fall asleep when mummy came with his s-u-s-u! Good boy! As mummy always say to you.. " Ini anak yang baik! ".. :)

I love you daddy! I love you Aidan!

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