Thursday, November 12, 2009

The title of today's entry is:

Kenyang pewut suka ati! :P

This is baby Aidan, after his feeding time.. Usually, towards finishing his milk, Aidan would close his eyes and ready to dream2.. Kekeke..

Looking at him, i feel so blessed and happy.. Well, if you can see the difference between this 2 pictures, you will understand.. First is Aidan at 1 month old, and the second one is Aidan at 2 months old.. Aidan at 1 month old is a little bit skinny than this 2 months old Aidan.. Yup, mummy's baby is chubby now.. As what Uncle Jo say 'Muka Aidan sentiasa berubah-ubah.. lain jer each day..' Hehehe.. Ofcoz, babies are like that.. :P

1 month old Aidan!

2 months old Aidan!

Aidan's appetite also 'boleh bawa bincang'.. kekeke.. At first, he would only feel full, by taking only 60mil of milk, but now, he would go for 90mil.. However, since he has this challenge of vomiting and stuff, mummy stick with 60 mil, but i choose to follow his appetite.. Right now, every two hours or even 1 hour, Aidan would cry for milk, and mummy would follow him ofcoz! :)

Alhamdulillah, tomorrow is Aidan's 2 months birthday.. OMG! My baby is turning 2 months tomorrow.. InsyaAllah, the next entry is about him, cycling.. Kekeke.. How time flies right?? Anyway.. i am happy, my dear.. Don't forget daddy, we need to see Dr Cheng, for Aidan's next jab! Ouuch! :P
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