Thursday, November 12, 2009

Room Service for Mr Aidan!

Aidan: Can I upgrade to a different room? Well, the bed is nice but it caused me backache, and hmmm.. you country is 'hot' la.. i need some shades.. :P *wink2..

Mummy's counter: We have one, specially for you.. With enough shades and comfy bed.. So, shall we move you fromthe 'Space' Room, to the 'Earth' Room?

Aidan: This is amazing.. I'll take it.. :)

Aidan: Ehem.. ehem.. Mummy, susu satu! :P

The Space Room

The Earth Room

As you can see, Aidan is now sleeping with mummy on the bed.. Last time, since Aidan couldn't really control his 'vomitting pattern', mummy, with the advice of Dr Cheng, put Aidan to sleep in his rocking chair.. This is to ensure that mummy's baby Aidan, won't choke during his sleeps and that it would help him to breathe smoothly as well.. Pity Aidan!

Now, he has his own place to sleep.. Right beside mummy, and daddy has to sleep on the floor.. Now, pity daddy! Ofcoz, mummy make sure that daddy sleeps in a very comfortable bed, with pillow and blanket, although daddy ended up, putting them away.. Ayaaaa daddy..! :)
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