Saturday, December 5, 2009

Aidan's shopping trip! ( The Curve- Ikano- first timer = si budak kicik )

Hooorayyy! Aidan went for his first shopping trip just now, and ofcoz small family lunch time at Ikano! Well, it wasn't being planned at all..

Actually, today, i was looking forward to go to this educational toys warehouse sale in Subang Jaya with my sister.. I am looking for something that suits Aidan's age.. Yup, end of the year sale.. But i don't want to be 'mamak mata', just something that i can call essential.. :P

Since Makngah adviced us not to bring the kicik to the warehouse sales ( based on her last year's experience.. so hot, humid, kakak farah ended up feeling oh so dizzy and almost fainted! ) Ayaaaaa.. So mummy called up daddy to ask him to come and fetch me.. 'Are you still with your friend? Can come and pick me up tak? I'm not going to Subang..' - ' Can.. can.. jap yer sayang..'

Then Achik Ha came to the room, and suggested for everyone to go makan2.. hmmm... Great idea.. I miss this part.. Gathering and makan2 with my mom and sista, Achik Ha!.. Okie dokie.. Better ask daddy to meet us at the Curve.. So, yup,everyone agreed to makan2 together2.. Kekeke..

On the way to the Curve, mummy started to smell something funny.. 'Macam ku kenal jer bau ni.. Ehem2.. anak mummy poo poo yek??' - Aidan just looked at me, all confused and muka merah after he gave his last 'go' or 'shot'.. Kekeke.. However you put it la, it is still the same.. Mummy still need to bring him for his 'wash2'.. Kekeke..

Daddy waited patiently at Secret Recipe ( Achik Ha dropped us there first, so that mummy and daddy can do our parent- going- out- and- must- do, which is going to the baby rest room.. So we did.. Our very first experience doing what we know best at home, dalam bilik, which kadang2 kelam kabut, and now to be performed right infront anyone who will be using the same room with us.. Nasib baik everything is fine.. Not that we are reckless or what.. Aidan being Aidan sometimes cries during diaper changing.. Part yang nangis tuh yang bagi mummy and daddy freak out.. Kekeke.. Handling him?? Hmmm.. both of us boleh dikatakan dah Superb! Good job daddy! :)

Looking at us today, daddy gave us a very loving look, then he decided to lighten up my shoulder ( since i used baby sling just now ) and bought Aidan, his stroller.. Yup, Quinny.. Just like what we decided back then.. Just that daddy go for the much stronger feature.. Quinny Buzz.. Wahhh.. daddy.. Belanjo sakan ni daddy.. Ada apa2 ka?? Kekeke.. Mummy was so surprised because we thought maybe we might buy him his stroller when he is 4 months or something like that.. In short.. NOT TODAY la.. Kekeke.. Thanks daddy!! Oh ya.. it is BLACK in color.. :P

When we went to see the rest of the family, they were all surprised.. Yup, Achik was thinking of letting us use Nurin's stroller jer.. Ayaaaaa daddy.. If not, we can save maaaa.. Anyway, the gathering was great, the food was delicious, the jalan2 seemed easy, and tanks to Similac ready made formula- we didn't have to go and ask for warm water kat restaurant2 situ.. kikiki.. So, all and all, today tersangat lah BEST! TQ Daddy!

p/s: i got to know the place to buy weird headband and i like it!! :) TERSANGAT BEST!

Aidan with his new stroller!

Aidan and mummy.. Ok, give me another 2 months okay?? Ignore the figure.. I'm working on it, critics- pals! kikiki..

Aidan, mummy, Nurin and Haikal or better known as Chikal!
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