Saturday, December 5, 2009

Daddy just picked our 'Wedding Story Book' and Aidan is already 2 months now.. LOL!

Well, today daddy came back with a heavy paper bag.. He was all smiling at the front door, waiting for the question to pop.. "What's inside the bag, dear?- asked mummy while peeking at it.."OMG! It's the story book".. I was all in joy, since i haven't seen the edited version of the whole pictures just yet..

"Hmmm.. Aidan is already 2 months old la dear.." kekeke.. but it is worth the wait since the albums or the story books really amaze me in a very sweet way ofcoz.. We've got 3 story books for 3 events, and thanks to Candid Syndrome! they are all amazing.. :) We've got the Solemnization story book, the Reception story books for my side and daddy's.. Lovely!

Here are the story books that are being mentioned.. Sukernyer!!

Solemnization- Shah Alam

Reception- Shah Alam

Reception- Kelana Jaya

The one i love most!
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