Monday, December 14, 2009

Aunty Haiza's LOVE fact finding.. start tagging people, dear.. :)

1) First time jumpa your hubby bila dan kat mana?

- March 2006. Kelana Square, Otye Training Room! :)

2) Love at first sight?

- Nope, because he's 2 years younger than me.. kekeke.. but bit by bit i was sooooo.. into him.. :) Still remember the time he wanted to ask for my digits.. Hehehe.. Without asking me directly, he just gave me his phone with my name already typed in, waiting for me to only hit the digits.. Kekeke.. Soooo sweet.. :)

3) Who is he when the first time you met him?

- UT agent, we started from scratch.. Been up and down with him since day 1.. That's why we love each other soooo much!!

4) How long it takes for him to ask you out for a date?

- Less than a week! I thought he was on a bet with his friend, but he came up clean okay!! ( after been checking up by me.. kekeke ) I was like.. you did good, banyak experience in this area i supposed.. you know, complimenting, dining, small talk..etc2.. kekeke..

5) First place dating?

- Oh my.. Kedai kopi Shah Alam, and he came late.. aiyaaaa.. he went to see other gal pal first okay?? :P Hasyakkkkkk!! kikikiki..

first photo together.. :)

6) How he proposed?

- This is soooo sweet.. He bought me this dress from Zara like a month before, and told me to only wear it when he ask me to.. So one fine day, he called up saying he wanted to bring me for dinner.. I asked him where? He said, 'don't ask so much, just get ready.'. So i did.. On the way there, he was all calm and i was like looking for signs of direction of where to go.. And i saw.. 'To KL Tower'.. So, he brought me there walaupun tengah jalan dah kantoi, i terbaca the signage la sayang.. kekeke.. Then after we had like the incredibly delicious dinner, he proposed me with a ring.. I like!!! I won't forget that feeling, and i immediately said, YES!!!

7) Special date with your hubby?

Playing bf anf gf - my birthday 26/03/1981.. in his case, 26/03/2006
Solemnization - 11/01/2009
Parenthood - 13/09/2009

8) Changes that he asked you to do?

- Do not think so much
- Jangan cepat risau
- Enjoy life in a good way, ofcoz
- And he likes me because he said, i am friendly, and i am not afraid to say what's on my mind.. Interesting than boring.. There are girls who just can't make a conversation interesting.. E.g: during dates or whatever, when the couple go out for dinner, and the bf ask 'you nak makan apa?' and the gf say 'tak tau.. ikut you la'.. kekeke.. memang potong!! Hahaha.. Patut ker kata macam tuh?? :P

9) What is about him that you love so much?

- Suka surprise me, from gf bf till now.. From expensive thing to just a note diselit pada my car.. I still remember masa awal2 i keje sekejap dulu.. i parked my car di lrt kelana jaya, and naik lrt to work.. bila balik jer, ada note terselit di kete i.. i thought kena saman, but i paid what for the parking spot, ended up bila tengok was a note saying 'i love you..' from my dearest la.. :)) Macam mana dia tau i parked situ?? hmmm.. till now, rasa scary.. sebab kadang2 bila ajak jumpa di OU pun, dia mesti dapat parking sebelah kete i, tak kisah la kat mana i park pun the car.. kekeke..
- Know exactly what he wants in life
- Berpendirian, oh yes!
- Always help people, but selalu jer terkena balik..
- Always give the best for me and Aidan
- Leave few decisions to mummy, and usually when it comes to shopping for Aidan.. kekeke.. But mummy ofcoz tgk macam mana dulu.. Kan.. kan?

9) What is about him that you wish he would change?

- Do not be too ignorant with the surroundings
- Be only helpful to those that appreciate and have gratitude towards him
- Be more transparent towards me, la sayang.. kikiki..
- Help me wash2 Aidan more..
- and jaga Aidan gak.. ahaks! buat susu daddy.. :P

10) You will lose your mind and crack your head when he..

-Expect me to be able to read his mind, and sometimes expect more from me.. "kalau you cakap jer nak apa kan senang?? kekeke.. i can't read minds la my dear".. :)) and when he got angry.. not that he screams and stuff, but terus dead silent.. lagi takut seii.. hahaha.. but knowing him, bila i saje jer renung dia and buat2 senyum with funny faces, dia akan kembang hidung and gelak.. kekeke.. okay, dah jumpa the button katner.. :)

11) You will smile through your eyes for the whole day when he..

- Did something nice to me la.. and lawak yang kadang2 tak sampai.. sebab tak sampai yang jadi lagi lawak.. kekeke..
- Support what i want in life.. E.g: Last 2 months, i was all inspired by Morroccan style of interior deco, and he knew about this.. One day, we went for shopping, and ended up at this one place la.. kekeke.. and besides other household thingy, they have antique furniture, and my hubby loved this one kerusi panjang from India, very nice.. So, since he liked it so much, and he said that the price is reasonable, he bought it.. He said ' this one ikut theme you tak?? moroccan??'.. alaaaa.. so sweet.. i was like.. ' for real, man?? '..then he said.. 'takper.. kita beli la sikit2.. later nak masuk rumah pun, kena beli what..'.. and seriously, since sekarang pun hidup menumpang my sis or my in law, kikiki, perabot itu disimpan di store kedai tersebut sehinggalah january.. :)

12) Complete below sentences, "My love towards my hubby is as big as.."

- a BIG 'O' - complete one huge ring!
- but during gf bf, whenever i asked my hubby.. ' you sayang i saperti apa? ', he replied..' seperti bau yang wangi ', and if he asked me the exact q's.. i replied.. ' seperti mesra mentari.. ' don't ask what or why.. even kitorang pun tak tau.. selamba jer terkeluar.. hahahaha..

So, i'm tagging..

my SIL- zurin, mummy aniq and harith

wirda, mummy irfan

stephanie, mummy ryan

lizzie, mummy aiden

bila ibu berbicara, you know who you are.. :)

anna sue ji, mummy aidan

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