Monday, December 14, 2009

The ' duckling ' story..

For those who follow my blog, you guys should have known that my baby is a prem baby, and i was and still am following his progress, to ensure that he cathes up with the rest his age.. And one of the thing i am looking forward to, is his growth.. So, since he was still a baby ( not that right now, he isn't.. but he is more to a young man kicik.. kekeke ), of exactly 1 month old, mummy did snap a picture of him in this duckling shirt (13/10/2009) and for every 13th, mummy will snap his picture again.. and yup, in the same shirt.. Just to see his progress..

Here is on this 13th.. 13/12/2009.. :))

Result: Perfect! Muat.. Dah besar anak 'mak' ni.. kikiki..

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