Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sharing the Glam!

This picture was taken yesterday.. Mummy in Achik Ha's Masquerade Party Costume.. :) The costume was very beautiful, with tight evening kinda dress, with big 'kepak' as Alang called it.. Kekeke.. Achik Ha eventually didn't dare to wear it for the upcoming party, ended up looking for something simple yet elegant, and ofcoz still stick with the party theme.. Mummy loved to help her finding the right look for this Friday, and we ended up on something sweet! Bestnyerrrr! Kekeke..

So, since Achik Ha decided to send back the costume, mummy with the help of Maktam, posing in it for my own collection of 'going nuts pictures'.. Kekeke.. Alaaaaa, but i missed the dress, just the mask and the 'kepak'.. Hmmm.. enough la.. Kekeke..

* Been thinking about Aidan's first year birthday theme.. Hmmmm.. got few options:

- Masguerade Party ( like this one, so that mummy can wear this 'kepak' again.. :P )
- Beach theme ( so that mummy can decor the glasses with cute lil umbrellas.. Oh Cute! )

- T- time ( where mummy will make and create Aidan's friends the same t-shirt that says 'Aidan's first Birthday!' )

- Whatever Super Hero that he likes at that point of time ( just like Harith's Ben 10 )
- Pirates
- Cartoon Characters ( whereby all of his friends come with different cartoon characters look )
- or Hollywood Glam ( so that mummy can look just like Eva Longoria with my hubby Tony Parker.. kekeke)

Just wait and see!!
Lama lagi ni.. Hehehe..

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