Saturday, December 12, 2009

Turning 3 months young.. :)

Happy 3rd months birthday, sayang!! Woweee! How time flies.. And i didn't miss a day with this young boy!! In short, i see his progress, and he is doing so well.. :))

Alhamdulillah, Aidan is now dah start chubby, and mummy suker.. Ofcoz, if compare to 2 months back, whenever i put my eyes on him, i would be so touched that sometimes, without me realizing it, i was always in tears.. Now, not only he is as chubby as he can be, but so active and kuat meragam.. Always like to be cuddled and hate to sleep on the mattress.. So, it's either we carry him or put him in his buaian.. Oh ya, stroller sometimes helped.. :P Nasib baik.. If not, whenever we feel like going out, mesti masalah for him if he feels like sleeping.. Yerlah, since he already go used to buaian.. * Sigh!! :))

Okie dokie.. picture of him ( as usual on every 13th, with his duckling baju ) will be posted later on, ya..
So, to summarize Aidan being 3 months old are:

- Aidan can already recognize people, okay?? Can already recognize mummy and daddy.. Through his eyes, we know.. kekeke..

- Formula intake, still 90mil, but terlalu kerap nowadays.. Erg?? :)) Lapor ajo anak mummy sowang ni..

- 'Toilet' pun dah senang now.. Sometimes 5 times in a day okay?? kekeke.. Kesian daddy, asyik2 beli 'Huggies'..
- Gassy!! Ayaaaa.. :P This part, no comment.. Anak saya memang kuat on this part.. *mayu.. mayu.. :))

- As usual, loves his bath time! Aidan really enjoy being in his froggy bath tub.. :) It is hard for him to cry when he is bathing since he feels fresh, maybe.. :))

- Kuat menangis.. :P Uwaaa!! Uwaaa!! Both daddy and mummy shouted: MEMANG PUN!! PINING!!

- At night, he wakes up 2-3 times only.. Lately, only 2 times okay?? After he minum2 susu, he went back to sleep.. Mummy suker!!

- He sleeps in his 'buaian',, That's why mummy tak cukup tido, since need to make sure he's doing okay in it.. Daddy also plays his part.. We alternate to look after Aidan.. Thanks daddy!! :)

- He likes to smile nowadays, but still with no reasons at all.. Meaning to say, he is still in his 'baby dreamy' thingy lagi.. But when people smile back at him, he look at that person with his confused face.. kekeke.. At this point, he is all serious.. kekeke!

- Most of his baju dah tak muat, so mummy need to make sure outing clothes pun kena pakai di rumah.. If not, rugi!! kekeke.. But, i like the progress.. Good job sayang!!

- Phlegm still there.. Aidan is easy to catch flu.. Risau mummy.. But, it is controllable.. Thanks Dr Cheng!! :)

- Vomiting?? Rarely!! GREAT!! Aidan should be 1 and a half months now ( based on his EDD ), so his progress need to be based on his EDD, not on his birth date.. So, nothing much to share.. :)

Aidan being Aidan, an ORANGE to his mummy's eyes.. Sometimes a little bit masam ( meragam ), other times manis ( tidak meragam ).. All and all, mummy memang suka masam2.. kekeke..

Love ya MILLIONS!! Mmmuax!!
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