Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yes! I am One Desperate Housewife! :P

Yup, i am one, but i am not Eva Longoria.. kekeke.. Well, lately been thinking to do something or anything at all to fill up my day to day routine at home.. Aidan?? Checked! He is in my schedule, the prior one.. But, i still need something else.. WORK!! I need to WORK!!

Since hubby decided for me to stay at home, and take care of our lil' one, i was all having 1001 feelings.. Great and.. not bad!, but i was so sure that one day i would be very boring, to just stay at home and doing the same thing every single day.. Well, maybe because we haven't moved in to our own house just yet, ( when the time comes, i might be busying myself, decorating the house ).. But for now, besides Aidan, who is ofcoz my pride and joy, and my loyal buddy these days, i have only daddy's tv and his collections of dvds for me to watch and sometimes, sampai 'khatam'.. kekeke.. Ayaaaa!

Since daddy decided on that and that Aidan too is still small for me to leave behind, i just agree to it, but secretly been thinking to start my own small business.. Yup, online business, and i know that the thing that i am about to venture, dah ramai buat, but i can guarantee the quality of my products ofcoz! Well, this is Sara la.. Hahaha.. :P Since i am all into babies nowadays, and toddlers.. i decided to create one small baby clothing and accessories for babies, toddlers, and ok.. ok.. kids! hehehe.. Shipping from the USA, the qualities are guaranteed..

Now, i am all in my discussion term with my sister in Arizona.. and i am praying for it to be a success.. But this is only something that i am putting my heart and soul into these days, but if something came up, maka tak jadi lah yer.. Just the thought of doing something.. Daddy did tell me to go jalan2 or i might bring Aidan to his baby school etc2.. but Aidan is still small and i can't imagine myself, driving him to school at the age of 2 months old.. kekeke.. AWKWARD!

So, wish us luck.. the link to our lil' shop can be found on your left hand side.. yup, 'That cute little romper!' - We'll be posting all our clothes and accessories there.. We will acknowledge everyone about this small venture of ours.. Tungguuuuuu!!

p/s: Lately Aidan banyak merengek.. I am praying for him to behave himself, so that mummy can work from home dengan senang hati.. kekeke.. If not, memang mummy will be only putting his eyes, mind and soul pada Aidan jer lah.. kekeke.. Bak kata daddy.. ' you duduk rumah, berdandan, pakai cantik2..' and mummy goes ' yeahhhhh.. pastu bila mummy saw things that mummy used to buy for myself, and decided that tak nak ask from daddy, i woud go.. oohh.. oohh.. my.. (sambil gigit kuku jari ni haaaa).. kekeke..

p/s lagi: So far, kejadian itu tidak jadi lagi yer.. :P
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