Thursday, December 31, 2009

What's on my 2010 Goal Board!

Actually, when you do a goal setting, you should have all these elements, and your sentences should start with ' I am ' PRESENT TENSE walaupun tak dapat2 lagi.. Mine is MINI with no guidelines sebab anak tengah tido, so curik masa.. Kekeke.. But i will do my goals with full heartedly kay?? Kekeke..


- dedicated daughter to my mom and sister to my siblings

- loving daughter in law to my mama and baba

- loyal and supportive wife to my 'daddy'

- loving and sporting mummy to my Aidan

- loving and loyal friends to my chicas!


- tip top health condition

- gotta get my second hep injection.. oouuch!

- exercise.. exercise..


- pray for more rezeki and blessed from Him

- looking forward for passive income ( gotta find ways of how.. ) LET MONEY WORKS FOR YOU!

- stabil income for me from daddy.. hahaha.. gaji sidai kain ker ni daddy?? kekeke..

- financially free :)) by the age of 30.. lagi 2 tahun.. InsyaAllah.. :)

Self- realization

- to be much more closer to Him through my ibadah and prilaku

- nak SAVE!! nak SAVING sendiri and less SHOPPING!

- able to manage my time wisely so that many things can be done in 1 day

- cook.. cook.. cook.. :)

- love myself even more, and details are important.. so, pay attention to physical changes.. mmg i don't really mind this figure, just that i still wanna look nice in clothes.. so, just minor things.. nothing major about it..

- nak jadi morning person.. not that skang tak, but sometimes kalau berjaga jaga Aidan that nite until 3-4 pagi, i tend to wake up at 9 okay.. sungguh la tak sihat.. * sigh!

- wanna focus on physical appearance macam Stephanie Liah.. Mummy Ryan Raffael.. Kekeke.. Bley tak babe?? Nak jadi cam you?? :P

- nak buat apa2 pun lepas ni, nak ada system.. i need it.. :)

- nak jadi a little bit perfectionist lepas ni..

- nak be a better person to all especially my loved ones and friends..

- nak buat hal sendiri..

- tak nak campur ngan useless punk.. ayoyo..

Mamak mata

- my car- hubby painted it black, walaupun i tak suka, terpaksa terima.. so, i nak keje kuat next year, so that my BMW Z4 akan color WHITE!! Classssss! - rindu plak my Beetle! :(

- dah tak nak lagi bags, sebab dah banyak.. semuanya still shantekkkk.. But, that Mark Jacobs and Chanel memanglah ter- shantekssss.. Ni yang buat nak keje balik ni.. Kekeke..

- nak tukar how i dress.. so maybe i should get rid baju2 ala remaja yang agak tak sesuai for my age and status now.. But, i still wanna look good and sophis sket.. Kekeke..

- my dream house- serious i'll play with colors.. tapi bukan 'kel' atau 'jaw' yer.. Hehehe..

- nak deco si kicik's room.. A MUST!

- walk- in closet for us, ala2 Carrie Bradshaw.. and my own racks for shoes and bags.. Macam ko lah Effa!! Effa ni kawan i yang banyak giler collections LV and to be frank, collections dia lagi meletop, whereby, kalau jual semua beg dia, dia bley beli rumah, rm100k+++ CASH!! semua ORI kay?? SERIOUS!

- accessories yang hebat bagai.. kekeke.. hard to describe.. later la..


- nak bantu daddy keje kuat and make sure that the 3 of us will go for local and oversea's holidays.. and pray for it to be a tradision and a must every year..

- so, local i nak pegi Pulau Perhentian

- oversea should be Australia and USA! Amin.. Amsterdam 2011!


- dedicated housewife, mummy and tutor for Aidan.. walaupun Aidan tak sampai setahun lagi, teacher dia ni, akan make sure Aidan is actively learning from day to day.. " what's this Aidan?? " right.. HAND.. haaaaa, macam tu.. okay tak??

- nak jadi own interior deco/designer.. nak start do things for our house..

- nak do painting balik.. i wanna create my own masterpieces for my home..

* My nephew did paint for me and Aidan's room.. Mine is flower patterns and Aidan's are 4 different frames with animal's cut and paste thingy.. NICE! Nanti i upload..

Oh ya.. AIDAN'S AKIKAH AND CUKUR JAMBUL.. Thanks to The Wedding Fairies sebab sponsorkan Aidan's pelamin woth cradle yer.. Thanks Aunty Evie.. We love ya! See ya tomorrow.. kekeke.. Yup, we are going out to The Curve tomorow.. :))

" Ya Allah, sesungguhnya padaMu sahaja ku meminta sesuatu dan padaMu juga akan ku kembali.. Kau permudahkanlah hidup ku dan keluargaku Ya Allah, Kau berkatilah kami setiap hari Ya Allah, Kau permurahkanlah rezeki kepadaku, suamiku da kesayanganku Ya Allah, berikanlah kami setiap kebaikan yang ada di dunia ini ya Allah, sesungguhnya, Engkau yang maha penyayang dan lagi maha mengasihani.. Hanya padamu ku memohon.. Amin.. "
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