Saturday, January 2, 2010

Instead of using it as a headboard to our bed, i will use it as a headboard to the sofa set in the living hall upstairs.. Best2.. :))

One fine art !

This blog is dedicated to my art lovey dovey friend.. Evie..

Well, i hardly caught up in a friendship whereby everything seemed sooo.. boring or in short 'tak sekepala'.. Most of my friends are sooo ME.. but maybe can be classified only by the departments.. Different departments.. Like my chicas, and you know who you are, we are soooooo into jalan and travel2, lunchie2, dining, lepaking and shopping.. My school mates, walaupun skang masing2 dah bawa haluan sendiri, once very much like me, for instance, Adila. Muhairah, Shaf, Aliya, and Enny.. a.k.a Tati who just loved to sing and masa di sekolah dulu, we always berduet lagu2 from Celine Dion and up until now, bila jumpa, there's always something hot to talk about.. Art lovey dovey, we have Dayang Suhana ( yang menghilang, dia add i kat FB, but jarang bercomment.. debik kang arrrr.. hahahaha ), Haiza ( we soooo share the same interest and likes, sampai nama anak pun sama, just spelling jer lain.. Serious tak plan pun :)) and also EVIE!!!! ( yang help me with my intention to make my house as Moroccan as possible.. kekeke ) This is for you beb..

Evie is a friend of mine like 9-10 years back.. My oh my.. dah lama.. first met her, i was like ' wow, i love her hair style.. potong rapat right beb?? ' kekeke.. love it..

So, since we only keep in touch mostly through fb chat and rarely see each other, walaupun rumah hanya lah like 5 mins jauhnyer ( from my in-laws house ), tapi still jarang berjumpa.. we decided to go jalan2 together2 with aidan and her daughter the sweet Zahara along.. Yup, mummy and children day out, and both of the kids behaved pretty well, with Aidan keje tido jer, and towards nak balik baru la ada drama sket.. kekeke.. Kesian Aunty Evie, dengan mummy baru nak buat susu kat Aidan, with Zara and Aidan menangis, and Aunty Evie nak tolong kemaskan stroller Aidan lagi ( mummy serious tak tau camner ).. * Sigh, kesian Aunty Evie.. kelakar whereby kitorang ended up masukkan stroller tu seketol2, without folding it back to its unsed position pun.. hehehe..

Thanks to Aunty Evie gak for Aidan's upcoming Majlis Cukur Jambul whereby she's gonna come up with Aidan's pelamin with cradle.. Wahhh.. sponsorship nampak.. *WINK2.. and masa keluar, mummy asked for her opinion on the bunga telur, and she just loved the idea of using only.. ehem2, later lah, SURPRISE!! Mummy will do it myself, okay?? Huhuhuhu.. Erg! :P Kekeke..

Spending our time chit chatting during lunch, we started to reveal our likes and dislikes on architectures and design, and since both of us had art/ design background, we just so into the conversation.. and she just loved my house's theme.. Thanks for the support beb.. Will try so hard to deco it according to my theme.. Kalau tak jadi, theme tukar jadi rumah 'Jitra' saja.. kekeke.. *Wink2..

And i was so shocked when she asked me to join her, create our own masterpieces, and i was like 'Have you read my latest entry? On my 2010 goal?? I want to start painting again..' and she was like 'Really?? No i haven't read it, haaa.. jom arr kita buat sama2..' I went, 'GREAT'!!! Best nyer ada kawan sekepala on arts here.. Yes! So, today, Aunty Evie dah settle one masterpiece of hers.. Titled Chaos with Zara! Cute!!

*p/s: Nak tenokkkk?? :P LOVE YOU BEB!! Oh yaaaa.. Thanks for 'brainstorming on the interior decor'.. Your support really helped me to get 'it'.. kekeke..

I shall paste our pics later yer?? Next entry.. :)
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