Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hopefully it helps.. :)
After few days of feeding Aidan with his new formula brand, ( right after S26 ), mummy and daddy really hope that it will do wonders to our son.. Yup, Mamex GOLD with Oligosaccharide Mixture..
Why OM, or the be exact, what is OM??
Okay, a major component of the immune system lies in the gastrointestinal tract.. That is why a healthy intestine is important for the development and functioning of the immune system.. The OM ( consisting of 90% GOS and 10% IcFOS ) that helps to improve the intestinal immune system of babies..
So mamex Gold Step 1 contains AA, DHA, SA, Choline and Nucleotides.. The OM may have STOOL SOFTENING EFFECT and lead to a MORE FREQUENT BOWEL MOVEMENT..
Pleaseeeee.. pleaseeeee.. Ya Allah, make this work for the kicik, please..
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