Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hahahaha.. Mesti lepas ni you guys tak nak makan sausage dah.. kekeke.. :P
No sausage!!

5.6kg, and no 'sausage' as Dr Cheng gently push his tummy to feel his poo.. So, he's doing fine.. If he has trouble to push his poo out, mummy needs to help him, kay?? Yup, with that ' cotton bud procedure thingy '.. But instead of using ' minyak gamat', change it to vaselline, kay?? :P OKAY DR CHENG.. :))
The sausage is referring to Aidan's poo poo.. Since mummy suspected that Aidan was actually constipating, Dr Cheng went through details to see if it was constipation or just that Aidan memang jenis 2-3 hari baru nak poo poo.. And it is actually normal, cuma after 3 days jer and if tak gak poo poo, mummy kena kasik Aidan syrup untuk kasik poo poo soft and that cotton bud thingy.. Okaylah, mummy buatkan so that the kicik tak perlu tido dalam keadaan tak selesa tuh.. * Fuh, camni rupanya bila dah ada anak.. Pasal poo poo pun risau jer.. Kesian Aidan..

...... and NO PRUNE JUICE, mummy.. :)) So mummies, if your infants face this problem to poo poo, do not give them juices okay?? It will make it worse.. Pity the kiciks.. :))
* oh yes, Aidan got his 4 months injection last night, sikit pun tak nangis.. Good boy!! :))
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