Thursday, January 14, 2010

" I love the jeans ".. - VB

Kelakar sangat this one hot mummy, VB.. Just now, my lovey dovey best pal, Feeza came to the house, saja lepak2 with me sekejap after she came back from seeing her client.. So, we chit chatted sambil tengok American Idol, the audition ones.. So adalah this hot mummy VB, being one of the judges.. Lawa bangat VB.. Love her so much!!

Since Americal Idol is looking for a star who can sing, ofcoz la all the critics and stuff kenala pada suara, nyanyian, tone suara, lemak tak lemak.. kekeke.. But, instead of criticizing on the voices and stuff, VB went " Oh.. I love the jeans.. " and some more " You're beautiful, you have the package.. " and semua related to physical appearance, and outfits.. rather than the voice.. Kelakar sangat.. Dengan muka yang 'serious' tapi 'tak serious', very determined masa complimenting them.. As if she was religiously doing what is told.. Kekekeke..

Hmmmm.. Maybe gak she was told to critic on the baju and stuff.. But for the audition of American Idol?? Hmmmmmmmmmm.. Erg!!! Kekekeke..
One hot mummy and she's so funny!!
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