Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mamex really work! Two thumbs up!! :))

Thanks to Mamex Gold, Aidan is back on track!! Yeah!! He poo poo every 2 days, and that the texture is so ' beautiful ', as what Dr Cheng described it in words.. Hahaha.. Poo poo + beautiful?? Hmmmm.. apa2 lah Dr Cheng.. kekeke..

Besides that, Aidan is no longer perlukan my help bila nak push the stool out.. Dengan sendiri dan rela hati, Aidan push it.. Hahaha.. Senang, maybe because the texture is so soft, make it smooth jer for Aidan to do his 'job'.. :))

Alhamdulillah, not that mummy bergantung 100% on Mammex alone.. I, myself play tricks to add up water or fluid intake for Aidan.. Since mummy nak make sure the texture remain the same, and that Aidan tak perlu deal with the situation again, mummy make sure Aidan minum gak air putih or plain water lah.. Plain water is 'eeeee.. yackkkk!' to Aidan, so what i did, i add up susu a little.. Still cair, and Aidan thought that he actually suck his susu.. Sorry sayang, bukan nak play tricks kenakan Aidan kay, it's for your own good.. And, it works, my dear!! Yeahhhh!!

So, bab stool dah settle, and now, since Aidan baru start to get use with his formula, and that ada flu skit2, Aidan's face ada naik rashes here and there.. Since Dr Cheng ada provide cream for it, so it is still controllable.. Nothing much to be risau about.. RIGHT?? %&^*&(#----- ERG!! I hope??! Kekekke.. :P

Sign off,
Mummy and her risau2 mode!

Msg from Aidan - chill mummy, chill!!.. :))

Anyone for susu panas??
ME!! ME!!
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