Friday, January 22, 2010

Back pain!! Is it epidural nyer hal?? Hmmm..

People always relate back ache after delivery with epidural.. Hmmm.. katanya effect from the injection, yang cause us back ache.. If that's the case, i believe that i am currently under this so- called epidural- kicked- spell.. Hmmm.. memang la sakit bangat..

* Sigh.. With Aidan, yang sememangnyer manja and demanding to be lift up jer most of the time, mummy ended up sakit sangat belakang.. Erg!! Not that i am whinning or what.. Ofcoz la, to spend my times with the little one is something that i love and enjoy the most.. But still, my back hurts lately nih..

Epidural?? Yup, i got it masa nak deliver kan Aidan, although i thought i tak nak at first, but since Dr Zaliha left me with no other choice, i was forced to say 'YES! to epidural'.. Yer lah, i was 'c', not normal delivery.. Thanks to my Eclampsia thingy! ERGGG!! Hehehe.. Kalau tak inject epidural masa nak 'c' i, tak tau lah nak kata apa.. Mana boleh kan, nak potong sana sini, with no epidural effect ( numb).. Crazy me!! Hahaha.. I'd be feeling everything la kan, from cutting, to more cutting, and more cutting, and pushing of the little one, and sucking him out, to jahit or simply stapple, and bla3.. Crazy!! ( Normal delivery pun sama, but DIFFERENT in a way, okay?? - mana la tau ada viewer yang normal delivery and tak amik any epidural, you'll be laughing at me, being so paranoid! Kekekek )

And now, it's pay back.. sakit sangat belakang ni, but still can tahan la and smile jer all day long.. Tapi bila nak angkat jer berat sket, haaaaa, terasa la segala sakit yang ada kat tulang belakang nih.. Rasa macam nak tercabut pun ada.. Pity Aidan, kadang2 nak angkat dia, mummy macam nak terbalik jer lagi, and kadang2 tuh, letak jer Aidan atas tilam, walaupun nak feed dia.. I feed him masa dia lay on the mattress.. Kekeke.. Tak pernah cuba, sebab takut he might tersedak, or tercekik, or bla3.. biasalah, mummy Aidan yang sentiasa dalam risau mode! ' What should i do to ease my mind, huh??'.. But ofcoz, i watch him swallow it and make sure dia burb right after each feeding.. Sejak dapat Aidan, macam2 yang mummy risaukan.. Hmmm.. Jangan terkejut yer.. Mummy nanti cepat jer dapat grey hair and wrinkles.. Hahaha.. Risau. risau.. :))

So, back ache yang menjadi- jadi.. I need to do more exercise la kan, and kena la elakkan angkat berat2 skang ni.. Angkat Aidan jer boleh.. tuh pun, dah 5.6 kg.. Kira berat cikit la kan.. Tapi yang lain, i asked daddy to help.. Come on mummy, baru 28 years old.. Ayaaaaaaa!!! Kalau dah 38, 48, 58 later macam mana?? Hmmmm.. Aidan, Aidan.. Besar nanti, jaga mummy tau.. Hahaha..

Okie dokie.. i got this video clip from my friend, Sarah ( Natania's mother ).. This is 'C'.. A procedure that i went into, to get my everything, and everything at all, Muhammad Khalif Aidan.. ENJOY????!!! Kekekeke.. Oh, it's not me in the video kay??


To those yang tak boleh tangok darah, or something yang melibatkan cutting2 and stuff, hahaha, or more specific to all upcoming mother (esp: first timer yer), yang cepat takut and rasa ngeri, this is NOT for you!! Although you dapat banyak pengajaran from it, like; bersyukur kepada Allah, more greatful feeling to live, gratitude to your MOTHER!! and so much more.. You may come back later yer, after your delivery.. kekeke..

OH YA!! This is a warning to my friend, EFFA!! Dear, do not watch this.. I know you.. Hahahaha!! Nanti Dania tak dapat adik plak.. :))

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