Sunday, January 24, 2010

Smart spending..

Last time, as i was browsing the Ikea's catalogue, my eyes stucked at this one RED MOOSE, ( a rocking moose for kids ) and ofcoz, for my baby Aidan.. I know that it is not yet his time to play with it, since baby Aidan kan baru jer 4 months.. But i know, i have to have it.. I need to have it! It will be awesome to see it at a corner of Aidan's room.. Made from wood, and so adorable looking.. Mestilah mummy drool to have it for baby Aidan..

So, each time visit Ikea, mummy will definitely pergi kat children's area, to look for it.. But, dah lama takder.. I think dah out of stock, and maybe memang dah takder intention for Ikea to continue with the product, i don't know.. But memang lah takder.. Mummy did ask for it, and the workers there semua kata, maybe sampai before Christmas, since it is actually suitable for Christmas presents.. Kan merah gitu.. Hmmmmm.. So, i was all excited!!

Tapi, sampai ke hari ni tak datang2 pun this red moose.. Frust sangat hari tuh, sebab i was so into it.. Nasib baiklah i did actually mention about this rocking moose to my siblings, and luckily, one of them remembered.. Aidan's Makngah.. :)) My sister called me up like 2 weeks ago, and told me that she came across this red moose for sale at MUDAH.COM.. I was all happy, jumping and quickly made my way to this wonderful website..

Teng.. teng.. teng!! There it was, our RED MOOSE!! Oh my, RM40 only?? Teng, teng, teng!! BONUS!!! If di Ikea, maybe dalam 100+, i don't know, but the one stuck right infront of my face hanyalah RM40.. GREAT!! I quickly called the owner, Mr Hendy.. and since he is staying in Kajang, memanglah tak berbaloi nak hantar dekat i yang di Kelana Jaya ni.. So, best solution, jumpa di tengah2.. Jom!!

Bertemankan Aidan's cousin, Kakak Fatin, we both terus ke Midvalley to see Mr Hendy and to get this moose of ours, (chettt!!).. kekeke.. Mr Hendy came to us, and no moose with him.. Ayaaaaa!! " Ohhh.. I parked my car di bawah la, dekat2 the Gardens.. " Okaylah, all 3 of us berjalan ke car park just to get to his car.. Jauh bebenor Mr Hendy park his car, and bila sampai jer, there it was.. Red Moose yang chumelll!! Kekeke..

" Alamak, Atin.. Ko okay kan?? Malu tak nak bawa pi kete kita?? Kekeke.. Besar ni.. Nak lalu dalam Midvalley nih.. Okay ker?? " and Atin was all sporting and memang lah kitorang ketawa jer sampai ke kete.. Well, ikut la apa orang nak kata, or gelak.. I got it for my son.. Finally!! kekeke.. So, RM40 = GORGEOUS RED MOOSE = BERBALOI BALOI!! Hahahaha..!!

Thanks Mak Ngah, Mr Hendy and Atin!! Yeahhh!! So, Aidan.. Nah.. amikkkk!! Mummy sayang Aidan!! Mmuaxxxx!! :))

p/s: So people, ROCKS!!
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