Monday, February 8, 2010

Daddy with ala-cheongsam mode, Mummy play it pure-malay mode, Aidan omputeh abis! Kekeke..

Celebrating The Lovey Dovey couple.. Mr Adrian and Mrs Rina!! Welcome abroad guys!! Yup, they got married like a month ago, and today is the reception for Rina's side.. So sweet! Location?? Merak Kayangan, and it was such a very sweet ceremony, and the warmth feeling of love and acceptance tuh yang lagi best!!

Oh ya, Adrien, our own 'brother' in Islam, dah selamat pun bernikah dengan cik adik manis, Rina.. and i am so proud of this fella, and also couple.. They are really an item.. Adrien memang different orangnyer.. Well, the fact that the parents house like few doors jer from my in- laws, Adrien decided to bought his own house.. Where?? Betul2 depan rumah my in-law.. Hahaha.. Tak jauh pun from his mother's.. Kekeke.. Few months before the wedding, Adrien sibuk with the house renovation and cat mengecat, and ada house thingy yang dia pulun sorang2.. Hahaha.. Tak kira panas or hujan.. I lah saksinya.. Bila nak pegi sidai kain jer, mesti dia ada.. Kelakar sangat..

So, entry nih tak lah panjang.. Just nak wish.. Congratulations!! to Adrien, and Alhamdulillah, Allah dah bukakan hati Adrien ke jalan yang benar.. Amin!! That's why theme we all today, daddy ala2 cheongsam mode, and mummy, ala2 malay gitu.. Tapi anak?? Mat salleh!! Hahaha..

p/s: Rina, beb, you cantik sangat today!! :)))

Anak mak baca doa.. Good boy! :)

Oh, tak abis baca lagi.. Ok2, sambung.. kekeke..

Baby mummy ni.. Shayang ni.. Manyak ni.. :))

Muka mummy ker muka daddy ni?? Tengok betul2.. Kekeke..

The ever lovely Nad! Nyeh3.. :)

Susu time pun mummy nak posing gak.. Erg!

I love this one.. Bley buat something with the picture nih.. Hmmm..

Mummy and daddy with our post - natal figure.. Jom kayuh laju lagi daddy.. Hahaha.. Daddy dah start with, 'let's DO something MODE!!' kekeke.. To daddy, jom2.. :)) tapi baru 4 bulan daddy.. Hahaha..
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