Monday, February 8, 2010

It's the BEST!

Hmmmm.. remember when i shared here, yang Aidan dah start nak tido mengiring jer, and kadang2 tertutup muka dia ngan bantal, disebabkan kes nak ubah position tido yang kadang2 tuh, agak extreme! Huh! Memang.. Tu lah anak mummy lately nih.. Active tak kira la atas katil or dalam buaian.. Kalau atas katil, okay lagi.. Flat surface kan.. Dalam buaian ni, bahaya betul..

Hari tu, nak pakaikan blanket pun dah serik.. Yup, ada event yang membuatkan mummy memang tak nak.. tak nak.. LANGSUNG, pakaikan blanket pada Aidan bila dalam buaian.. Masa tuh, nasib baik, mummy perasan, blanket Aidan naik sampai ke muka tau.. Huh! Tapi takder lah sampai cover his nose ke apa.. But lagi cikit jer lagi.. Huhuhu..

And sekarang, bab nak ubah position tido yang memang pelbagai ni, kekeke.. Mummy pun find ways la, macam mana nak minimize his moves, especially, during his sleeps.. Bukan apa, things happen, right??.. So, mummy jumpa..


Age recommendation -
0-6 months ( from 4.5kg/10 lbs )

How to use -
A sleeping bag for babies and small children is used instead of ordinary bedding and has several benefits for both you and your baby. The baby is limited in movement which minimises the risks associated with the baby rolling over into its belly, sliding underneath the cover or climbing out of the cot. Instead of using blankets, that are typically kicked off, a sleeping bag makes it easier for you to keep a steady and suitable sleeping temperature for your baby, and hence improved sleeping routines. A sleeping bag can be used everywhere at any time- when you travel or merely when you pick your baby out of the cot for nursing or feeding. And yet your baby is kept in a constant and familiar environment - BRANSLIG ( EVA LUNDGREEN DESIGN for IKEA )

Best tak, anak mummy?? :))

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