Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meeting up with the mums..

Location : THE CURVE - Marche, Bubba Gump, Ikea, Tumble Tots, Gardens
Yeepee!! Finally, Aidan able to meet up with Kaira and Aariz.. Two adorable + cute babies his age.. Actually, the excited ones bukannyer the babies sangat.. Hahaha.. The mothers! Kekeke..

Aunty Lissa, fb-ed me about it, and we agreed to have this mumsy nyer thingy.. Although that day, macam hectic giler, with daddy and Tok Ba nak pegi tengok rumah di Cahaya, and stuff.. Mummy cepat2 siapkan Aidan since daddy decided to send us off to The Curve right after the short visit to Cahaya.. Apa lagi, kalut lah mummy with the kicik and the kicik's stuff lagi, and my stuff and the kicik stuff some more.. Perrgghhh!! Kalut2.. Thought of nak pakaikan Aidan his All Star red jersey- t, tapi fikirkan nak singgah Cahaya and panas ( Aidan mesti sweaty nih, karang - mummy thought.. ), i just pakaikan baju biasa dulu, green color.. But daddy dah pakaikan mittens and booties Aidan in red, nak samakan dengan the baju that he would be wearing later.. Hmmm.. green and red.. Christmas!! kekeke..

After the short visit, daddy pun rushed to send us to The Curve.. Mummy dah kata, i can bring my own car.. Tapi daddy macam tak confident to let mummy and Aidan alone on the road.. * Sigh.. Memang tak sempat Aidan nak salin baju, memang Christmas la anak mummy that day!.. kekeke.. and mummy pula tiba2 injured, due to kasut yang dah mengecil.. Mengecil?? Ada ker?? Ke kakiku dah upgrade size?? hehehe.. ( yup, after deliverkan Aidan jer, my kaki macam besar skit kay?? Usually, i pakai size 6, mungkin skang dah 6 1/2 or even 7.. Hmmm ) Memang melecet a little bit lah kan.. I quickly made my way to buy new ones, so that tak der la terhenjut2 depan my friends later.. Memang chaos habis.. Lissa pun dah sampai with her Kaira, and tup2, Anne pun dah muncul.. :))

We went to Marche just for a drink, and chit chatting, and went to Bubba Gump for our delicious, and drooling shrimps.. The kicik all behave so well ( setakat nangis sket2 tuh, kira behave la.. :) ).. Aunty Lissa told us about her upcoming vacation with hubby and Kaira this April.. Wahhh, bestnyer Kaira, kicik2 pun dah jalan jauh2.. Bila la aunty can bring Aidan also, kan?? They are going to London for 3 weeks, and the best part is, about their stayings.. They will be staying in this one Malaysian's house.. This Malaysian buat bisness, whereby he rent his house for Malaysians tourists to stay.. Ni sumer keje Aunty Lissa la ni, pandai dia google.. Kekeke.. So, no need to stay at the hotels, and the price also, bley tahan la.. kekeke.. Kira murah if compare to staying in hotels.. But then, we are talking about Euro currency kay?? So i rest my case.. kekeke..

Mama Feeza came along, and we all went to Ikea.. Mummy got myself few things for Aidan's cukur jambul.. The favors.. Boleh la buat sket2 bila weekdays nanti.. Kekeke.. Tumble Tots was our next destination.. Masing2 nak cari tempat for the kids to have this early edu class thingy.. Gymboree is one of our choices.. Aunty Lissa said the energy there ( GYMBOREE ) memang superb!.. So, saja jer nak tengok if Tumble Tots can beat it.. Masuk Tumble Tots, we were greeted by this one Chinese lady, and she explained to us about the classes and unfortunately, anak mummy ni tak suit lagi to join any, since Aidan tak sampai lagi 6 months and that tak boleh lagi duduk and the leher pun tak berapa kuat sangat lagi.. So, it's for Kaira and Aariz jer lah.. But then, Aunty Lissa said the energy macam tak sampai jer.. Erg.. Kekeke.. Alaaaa, aunty Lissa, masa kita pegi tuh, diorang dah tutup pun.. Maybe sebab tuh kot.. :))

Sambung chit chatting with the rest ( without aunty Anne.. we already bid her goodbye at this time ) kat Gardens memang best.. Dengan adanya Lissa's husband lagi.. Memang kelakar.. Abang Faiz ni memang something la.. Kelakar sangat, and baik hati.. So, memang tak kering gusi ngan dia.. Hahahaha.. Best2..

The meet up memang lah sangat best.. Tak sabar bila all the kids dah besar.. Hmm.. akan lagi chaos nampaknyer.. :)) To Lissa and Anne, we should do this more often.. Yerlah, semuanya housewives kan?? Hahahaha..

P/s : Aidan pun teringin nak join swimming class with Kaira and Anne.. Tapi mummy said, 'Kita fikir dulu, kay??' .. kekeke.. Biasalah mummy, keje 'nerbesss' jer.. Tihihihi..

Our Aunty Anne :) and Aariz Chomei

Our Aunty Lissa and Kaira Gorgeous.. :)

Mummy and anak mummy, Aidan!

Lagi.. anak mummy, Aidan.. kekeke..

The 'everyone'.. :)

Mummy with Aidan, Aunty Lissa and my friend, Kaira! :)

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