Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aidan's bottle feeding..

Well, is it true that bottle feeding should be replaced with new ones, every 3 months?? and the latest i heard, every 6 months.. Oh my..

The fact that masa i was pregnant to Aidan, we bought these bottles from Tommee Tippee ( Closer to Nature range ) and up until now, they are all STILL in good conditions.. We bought 3 of them, and yup, baby present for Aidan topped up for another 6 more.. Hahaha.. So, currently, Aidan is using all the 9 bottles, since mummy and daddy refuse to go through 'turun- bawah- basuh- botol- at- 3 in the morning' nyer thing.. Kekeke.. So, kitorang basuh all the bottles, and they can last from the night, to tomorrow at least at 4 in the evening like that.. By that time, siang, so mummy start lah basuh membasuh botol balik..

So, the last time i went home (Shah Alam), i saw Nurin's new bottles.. Before that pun, i pernah perasan my sister bought her Barney nyer bottles.. So, i thought, ni mesti saja2 nak beli.. So, i asked, and i was surprised to learn that we need to replace the bottles every 3 months ( according to my sis Liha, and that my mom yang remind her about it.. Thanks to Wanita Hari Ini, rasanya ).. Not that i am not looking forward to change Aidan's nyer bottle feeding, it's just that, i thought when it is damaged or that, ada kesan lemak susu yang tak nak keluar, which obviously not healthy and tak best lah for the baby to keep on sucking, right?? I did replace the teats before, but not the bottles.. I always checked on Aidan's bottles, and takder such marks, so i care less to replace it like right now.. Aidan pun dah nak masuk 6 months.. Well, should i change them??

Smalam, daddy brought us to Mothercare, to look for things for the kicik, and i asked the salesgirl, when should i replace Aidan's bottles, and she replied, every 6 months.. Walaupun condition bottles yang masih elok?? She replied back, mmmm.. it's for the best!! Hahaha.. Memanglah, nak jual punya pasal.. Kekeke.. She also said that, if we buy the glass one, it will last longer.. And we might consider it.. Jimat sket, and can be used lama2.. And the cover of the bottles pun rona roni okay?? Like so cute, but that's not the point.. The pointis biar dia tahan lama, and JIMAT in a long run.. Kekekeke..

* Beli membeli belum lagi buat, waiting for Friday ( tomorrow ) as they are having SALE!! Mummies, please take note.. :))

This is Mini Weego Baby Glass Bottles.. Glass, Chumel and Tahan Lama.. :))
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