Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jalan jalan cari makan!

Good opening or title for my entry right?? Hehehe.. Drooling??

My ENJOYABLE moments are ofcoz spending time with my loved ones, hubby and Aidan, family and gal pals.. And it will be great to spend the time, doing something that we love most.. EAT! hahaha.. Yes, i love to spend my time, enjoying food, and i once really into this.. ehem.. ehem.. career!.. of becoming a food critic.. hahaha.. yup, i was all influenced by julia roberts in my best friend's wedding.. she is a food critic, yet still look stunning, with that to- die for body and yeah.. BIG HAIR!! just love her! ( before i was makan sayur and lauk saja for more than 1 year, lama dulu.. ya, saya pernah jadi diet slave yer.. hahahah.. )

but ofcoz, when we say food critic, our minds are all teringat kat our own version lady of jalan2 cari makan.. LAME! People suka sangat critic other person when it comes to physical nih.. What's wrong with having voluptuos body, right? She is okay with it, so why u want to pening2 kepala?? hahaha.. She is the one who's making the money, able to taste food and travel some more, wear expensive stuff.. BUT what about u? You're going nowehere.. Kat situ juga.. Kekeke.. *Sigh.. kudus to her, our own version of JULIA! :)

Enough said about her, back to my story on good food.. If you're leaving in Klang Valley or KL, you might come across these places or memang dah addicted to these places.. You can find good food here guys.. Saper yang di luar Klang Valley, you might also pernah makan di tempat2 ni, or pernah dengar.. or belum, so, you may want to try it later on..

Here, i campurkan both stall, mamak style to those kedai makan at the mall and etc etc, that i found GREAT!

1. William's ( semestinya top the chart.. kekeke.. )PJ - stall biasa tepi jalan jer, but food macam hotel 5 star.. serious..

2. Tasik Kelana Jaya food court - ask for bihun sup utara.. they are the best!! Serious! Extra cili 'hitam' tuh please..

3. Belakang Giant besar Kelana Jaya ( hahaha, KJ lagi.. Buat macam mana, saya tinggal dengan in- laws di sini sekarang.. ) next to Unitar - ask for bihum tom yam please.. This one memang dah sedia maklum pedas, and kuah nyer sangatlah pekat.. memang tukang masak tuh ikhlas sangat masak.. We can tell.. :))

4. Mirza Kopitiam, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam - ask for mee goreng basah.. TERBAIK!! My mom's fav!!

5. Cili Merah, Seksyen 9 Shah Alam - Kakaka.. Laksa dia oiiiiiiii!! Hahaha.. Telur biar sebijik.. kekeke.. :P

6. Hakim, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam - The famous nasi 4 ringgit.. Budak Itm beratur saja.. Hahaha..

7. Restaurant melayu next to Teh Tarik, di The Curve.. ( tak ingat the name ) - ask for kueteow ladna.. Cili potong kasik extra kay?? Small portion but sedap, you'll be back for more.. :))

8. Last but not least.. ofcoz.. Yang paling TERBAIK.. Nahhh, amik alamat nih..

No. 38, Jalan Kristal, Shah Alam.. Kekeke.. Tanya Makcik Selasiah, apa menu hari ni?? Pastu tanya plak, ada sambal kuenin tak?? kekeke.. Tapi sebelum tuh, tanya la khabar dia dulu yer?? Bagi salam sket.. kekeke..

* makcik selasiah adalah ibu saya, yang TERSAYANGGGG!! tihihi.. :)
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