Saturday, March 6, 2010

Anyone for CHEAPPPPPP Designers Handbags?? Yup, ORI je as we totally say NO to REPLICAS!

Huhuhu.. This is definitely my second favorite entry, right after anything that has something to do with my Aidan.. :) My biggest love ever, YES, BAGS!!.. Tak kisah lah luggage ker, handbags ker, small pouch ker, anything with zip! Kakaka.. I love it!!

Most of my friends and family know how much i love bags.. Kiranya bag maniac, and kalau tak beli baju pun takper, as long as i carry one nice handbag.. Huhuhu.. Some people say that if you don't have anything nice to wear, but you still have that one nice pants to die for, then, nothing can go wrong.. You'll be fine.. Hahaha.. ( to that extend! ), but for me, bags will keep me, feeling oh so good, regardless of what i put on me, on that particular day!

My collections are varies, and don't be surprise if i told you that i still have few of my favorite bags masa i sekolah2 menengah dulu, up until now.. And still cantik, okay?? Old school look, but really nice ones, and ofcoz memorable.. If you are one of me, you mesti faham kan?? Kan ada pepatah orang yang suka giler pada beg dan shopping ( yup, ada la si anak dara sorang tuh.. hehehe ).. " I would rather spent it ( money ) all, but feel oh so content! GILERRRRR arrrrrrr! Jangan ko menyesal..! kekeke..

Be SMART la!! Spending tak semestinya dalam butik saja, and nak layanan class Di raja.. Chewahhh!! If you are smart enough, banyak jer online business nowadays, and i am talking about local entrepreneurs okay, yang can get you what you want, at a very cheap price ( if compare to butik ), and not to worry, some of them, really go for only the ORIGINALS!! And they don't layan all the REPLICAS at any grades, tak kisah lah grade AA ker apa ker, tahap tertinggi ker.. Kekeke..

Okay, untuk membantu korang be SMART spending, and no need to go into trouble nak ke butik, and spend more than you should on that particular bag ( and in my case, that shell shape LV with handle - ELLIPSE ofcoz! hahaha ) that you are eyeing for, silalah layari page yang seperti di bawah.. Serious!!

Tak percaya?? Nah, amik nih.. This is the address to this blog of my friend, Sooyaree's Closet -! You guys takkan menyesal sebab any packaging, you can choose either you want it to be sent to you in its own box, or simply that normal packaging way of delivery.. Maksud kata, that class thingy masih dijaga.. kekeke.. Can you imagine, that fav bag of yours came to your doorsteps, with the box and a big red BOW!! Saya sukerrr!! ( hopefully la ada bow tuh.. kakakaka )

Hahaha.. Okay, jangan lupa check it out.. Takkan nyesal.. You guys siap boleh ask them to carik the one yang you nak if it happens that, the bag tuh takder lagi or memang takder dalam page diorang.. :) SERIOUS!

So, to Sooyaree, Hello?? :P takder apa2 ker unutk i nih, i dah buat free promotion tau?? Bagi i Speedy Monogram Canvas sebijik ker?? apa ker.. kakaka.. :P
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