Sunday, March 7, 2010

Celebrating Aunty Steph.. :)
Happy 24th Birthday Aunty Steph.. :) Yup, the youngest among all, yesterday dear.. Hehehe.. :)
Date : 7/3/2010
Venue : Schokolart Solaris, Mont Kiara ( SohoKL )
Theme : Dress
Emma and family
Fatin and family
Fadd and family
Lora and family
Engkuyah and family
Reenie and family
Zaihan and family
Suriana and family
Noreen and family
Suzie and family
Ecar and son
and ME and my family.. :)

Bloggers Baizura and Suzie.. :)) oh ya, and their son..

The mummies, not only celebrating Steph's bday, but keeping up with the active kids.. :)

Baizura, Ecar and me.. The bloggers!

Fatin and son.. :)

The kids fighting for toys.. Sweet.. :)

The birthday girl refused for us to sing her a birthday song.. Kekeke..

Aidan, Aunty Steph and me.. :)

Aunty Steph and Aidan

Fadd and me.. Jom lepak beb.. Umah dekat.. jom!

With Zaihan.. :) and Airish.. Aidan and Airish share the same birth date, okay.. :)

The papas.. :))

The mamas.. Yeahhhh!!!

See you again, Aunty Steph.. We had such a great time there, meeting up with all the bloggers, and the kids.. Thanks again for inviting, darling!! :))

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