Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bye bye Gerber - Organic Pear Juice!

Okay mummies, big mistake for me to give Aidan.. juice ( as he says NO to plain water ), although i was recommended to, by who else?? Dr Cheng.. :) Sorry Dr Cheng, i have to say NO to this.. Sorry.. :)

Currently, Aidan is taking Gerber Pear juice, as we were told that the juice may help him interms of his digest system, and bla bla bla, 'EASY TOILET' ofcoz!! Mummy was like " This is not bad, and since Aidan too yang tak berapa prefer plain water, mesti akan suka juice and oh, semestinya kesukaan.." and i was right.. He likes it!! Memang KESUKAAN..

This juice katanya akan bantu Aidan, and since Aidan pun baru belajar makan, so i follow jer.. Sebab nak make sure, senang Aidan nak ke toilet and stool pun tak keras or pejal sangat.. ( BUT SO FAR, SMOOTH SAILING JER.. AHAKS!! ) But then, i did make a research about it and whether this so called 'magic drink- according to me' is good for my precious or not.. As usual, you get the good reviews and the bad ones.. The good reviews say that it helped their kids in boosting up their digest system, and the bad reviews scream louder than that, touching on few points that really made me go 'A..aaaap NO!!' and ofcoz i shall highlighted them here for you, the mummies, upcoming mummies and experienced mummies (as a reminder) kekeke.. Jom sama2 belajar why i put BIG NO to JUICE.. Not only Gerber, but ALL JUICES.. Yup, really!!

Jom.. To Juice or Not To Juice..

The AAP recommends using fruit juice sparingly for infants (Misuse of Fruit Juice) "It is prudent to give juice only to infants who can drink from a cup (approximately 6 months or older). Juice may displace the amount of breast milk and/or formula a baby drinks and the amount of solids a baby eats. Dental caries have been associated with juice consumption. You see, teeth begin to erupt at approximately 6 months of age and prolonged exposure of the teeth to the sugars in juice is a major contributing factor to dental caries.

The AAP and the American Academy of Pedodontics recommendations state that "juice should be offered to infants in a cup, not a bottle, and that infants not be put to bed with a bottle in their mouth. Drinking too much fruit juice can lead to dental problems, malnourishment and even obesity."

"Most issues relevant to juice intake for infants are also are relevant for toddlers and young children. Fruit juice and fruit drinks are easily over consumed by toddlers and young children because they taste good. In addition, they are conveniently packaged or can be placed in a bottle and carried around during the day. Because juice is viewed as nutritious, limits on consumption are not usually set by parents. Like soda, it can contribute to energy imbalance. High intakes of juice can contribute to diarrhea, over nutrition or under nutrition, and development of dental caries. " AAP

Important Points About Offering Your Baby Juice

Your baby does not require any supplemental fluids such as water or juice for quite some time. Once your baby has turned 6-8 months old, with your pediatrician's consult, you may then begin to offer very small amounts of water. If you think your baby is "thirsty" and would like a drink, try water.

■If you decide to offer fruit juice as a "drink" try waiting until baby is at least 8 months old. **Offering juice as a constipation remedy is acceptable as young as 4 months old with the consult of your pediatrician**

■Giving your baby water as a first "beverage" instead of juice will be healthier in the long run.

■Always dilute any juice that is offered to babies and toddlers. We recommend diluting 75% water to 25% juice. Keep diluting for as long as possible.

■Juice should never ever be offered in a baby bottle. Juice in a bottle is a major cause of dental problems.

■Also, never allow your baby or toddler to drink from a sippy cup of juice throughout the day.

And the Biggest One of all - Should I give my baby or toddler juice? Our Editor's experience.
Sitting around watching 4 year olds drink diluted juice as a treat continues to be a thrill. When will the diluted jig be up? We have no idea so the ruse will continue until we are caught. It's rewarding and satisfying to know that your kids think of diluted juice as a "treat" and not as a mainstay in their day.

Our toddlers enjoy about 4oz of diluted fruit juice maybe every other day or two. - 100% fruit juice with no additives other than Vitamin C. They enjoy veggie juice as well. Our babies did not, and will not, receive any fruit juice until they are/were around 8-10 months old or if constipation occurs. Why do we allow our kids to drink the evil fruit juice? We do it because we are aware that when offered very sparingly (or in frozen homemade ice pops.), fruit juice is not all that evil. We offer juice because they are "older" and 8 times out of 10 they will prefer ice cold water or milk to fruit juice.

Juice often gets a bum rap and let's face it, far too many toddlers (and infants too.) drink far too much juice. Let's rephrase that, far too many toddlers drink "juice drinks" as well as juice throughout the day and in a manner as described above. If you decide to offer your infant juice, we recommend only offering it to an infant over 8 months old. We want you to remember that juice is not meant to be a nutritional drink nor should it ever take the place of formula and/or breast milk.

We further recommend diluting it and using it to help the older infant learn to drink from a sippy. 75% water with 25% fruit juice has helped many older babies become interested in a cup. Using a small amount of fruit juice as a remedy for constipation is not a "bad" thing if your baby won't eat pureed prunes or other food that may help constipation. Moderation, good choices and heightened awareness of foods and their nutritional advantages or disadvantages is the key to maintaining good health.

Aidan, enjoying his first taste of juice with Asu.. :)
Kesalahan pertama : Minum juice walaupun takder masalah nak ke toilet ( constipation)
Kesalahan kedua : Masa ini juice tak dilute ( first time minum kan, ingat nak bagi the precious rasa 'sedaaaappp'.. kekeke..
Kesalahan ketiga : Minum guna botol, should be dalam cup.. Why??? Mesti tak baca artikel atas nih.. Huhuhu..
Kesalahan ke-empat : Kalau nak kasik juice pun, at least baby 8 bulan ke atas, and juice should be given as a treat, bukan termasuk dalam 'baby shoud have everyday thingy'..
OKAY?? :)
Sama2 belajar from mistake.. Sorry Aidan, lepas ni, no more juice tau.. Kalau mummy nak kasik pun, sikit2, and using cup.. Mummy will help you on that.. But if kalau mummy rasa too early, Aidan masuk sekolah nanti baru mummy kasik.. Hahaha..
Aidan : " Lama nyer mummy, biar betul.."
Mummy : " Ya, betul.."
Aidan : " Tapi.. mummy.."
Mummy : " No, tapi tapi.. "
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