Saturday, March 20, 2010

Congratulations Aunty Ain..

Hari ini adalah Ain's ( my hubby's cousin- father's side ) engagement day, and Alhamdulillah, all of us were there, in Klang, just to celebrate the couple.. :) As usual, WE ARRIVED LATE.. :P

It was a very nice ceremony, with the couple, in white.. Ain looked so radiant and nampak sangat manis with a very simple, minimal make- up.. :) All of us were so happy for her, and most of us ( actually, me and hubby.. ) enjoyed the food there.. Kekekeke.. Semuanya dimasak sendiri by all the aunties in Klang, and oooooohhhh, that kerabu mangga by our Makngah sangatlah sedapppp.. teringat plak Opah nyer version.. Huhuhu.. My Fav!!

The ceremony started after Zohor prayer, and i had the chance to see how the representatives from both side, handled the event, and i was actually looking forward for ' Sang teruna ingin memetik bunga di taman' thingy.. Hehehe.. Pantun lah apa lagi.. But maybe i missed it, or memang takder, but Tokba, handled the event just nice.. :))

We spent our time in Klang sampailah lewat petang, and ooohhh yaaaa, need to share on this, i was like sooooo tak sabar nak belikan Aidan his first Gerber, since everyone i met, semua dah tanya whether Aidan dah makan, and they also convinced me, that it's about time for him to makan2.. Ohhhh yeees!! Mummy really need to hear this, bukan apa, don't forget.. me, and my risau2 mode.. Oh my.. Ingat nak jumpa Dr Cheng dulu, and ask him, but since everyone kata, dah okay, why not i just try dulu on my own.. InsyaAllah, takder apa2 lah jadik later on, yerrrr..

So, mummy and daddy decided to singgah jer Giant, and get the kicik his first Gerber, but, instead of Gerber, we bought a different brand.. Kekeke.. Gerber ke mana, apa ke mana.. Hahahaha.. Okie dokie.. End here first.. Gerber or not Gerber should be in the next entry la mummy.. Biasalah, bila dah excited sangat.. Kakaka.. :)

Anyway, Congratulations Ain!! So happy for you.. :))

Aunty Ain and Achik Ieta.. :)

Daddy and Aidan.. Aidan nak tido lah tuh. Mulut terkumai kamit.. kekeke..

Daddy and Mummy.. :)

More Daddy and Mummy.. :)

Anak mummy sedap jer tido.. :)

Pastu dah start gerak2.. Alamak!!

Dah carik mummy dah.. Kat belakang nih, yang.. :P

Chakkk!! :)

Haaaaa.. Baru dia senyum!! :))

Aik?? Tido balik?? :P

Lagi Aidan aksi nak tido.. :)

Sayang anak mummy nih..

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