Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yup, we went for Heinz Organic Golden Vegetable Mash.. :)
Location : Tokba's Kelana Jaya..
As we were discussing on what to get for him, daddy showed me this Heinz Organic Golden Vegetable Mash for babies, 4-6 months of age..
At first, i was like.. " we should get Gerber for Aidan " and why Gerber?? Well, the fact that, this is the ONLY baby food yang i tau skang nih.. Well, i am a new mummy kan?? Dulu, i care less about all these, and bila dah jadi mummy, then only nak tau itu ini in depth.. So, bila dengar baby food, Gerber came in mind.. But tadi, bila tengok Gerber jer, terus macam curious, sebab they labelled the food as 1st food, 2nd food, bla3.. and i was like, 1st food is for those from what age to what age?? Hmmmm..
So, bila daddy tunjuk jer Heinz nyer vegetable mash and siap ada lagi label for 4-6 months of age, terus kitorang agreed.. And thanks to this one Indian lady who helped me, explaining about this brand, and that brand, and a BIG no.. no to juice just yet, and bla3.. So nice of her..
Bila balik jer, mummy terus prepare Aidan nyer dinner, and with the help of Achik Ieta, we able to snap few pictures and a video of the kicik, makan!! Yeahhhh!!!
I love the video soooooo.. muchhhhhh!! Macam Aidan tengok i, and truly thankful sebab selama ni, dia sangatlah lapar.. Bila tengok the video again with daddy, rasa sedih sangat, and hiba.. Ok2, me and my sentimental mode plak.. Uishhhh, sedih oooooo.. :P
So, enjoy the pictures and the video kay??
p/s: Ya Allah, semoga Aidan takder mengalami sebarang komplikasi, untuk membuang selepas makan Heinz Vege Mash ini.. Amin.. ( wait for the entry on smooth sailing stool.. kekeke.. )

Baca doa makan, cepat.. Hehehe.. Aidan yang curious.. Untuk mengelakkan his food terkena his new toy, mummy ikatkan napkin terus pada leher si kicik.. kekeke..

Aidan tersenyum jer masa makan.. He was so happy just now.. Ter lompat2 dia.. :))

He just can't wait for another spoonful of vege mash.. :)

Pelik sebab Achik amik gambar time makan ker Aidan?? This is for you, to look back later on.. Aidan's first baby food.. :))

Gembira!! :))


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