Monday, March 8, 2010

He finds peace like this.. Towel kecil Tokma menjadi mangsa.. kakaka..

So proud of you, Aidan..

Alhamdulillah, my effort to ensure that Aidan sleeps the whole night long is fruitful.. Actually, it has been like a month that both me and my hubby trained little Aidan to sleep the whole night long, ( no susu time, no merengek time, and no buaian! )and finally he got 'it'! :)) Yeah!!

Aidan is now an 'adult!' hahaha, when it comes to sleeping at night.. He sleeps just like mummy and daddy, sharing the bed with mummy, but taking bigger space for himself! Yeah, my baby bergolek dalam tido,and mummy sedar2 jer, selalu dah sampai sipi2 nak jatuh katil.. And dia dah selesa to sleep the whole night long, and no more susu at 3am! And mummy also already say 'no!' to my pattern, yeah.. changing his diaper at 2-3 am.. Good job mummy and Aidan!!

Hahaha.. I have made several things to ensure that Aidan sleeps longer than before, and that i don't have to go through this pattern to change his diaper at 3 in the morning.. But still make sure Aidan selesa at night.. Now, not only me and hubby able to get enough sleep, ( erg, daddy different case, since sometimes he sleeps at 4am, thanks to PS3 and this tiny little gadget that he use to communicate with Uncle Ritzwan during their 'team up' to save the world- the WAR game ofcoz!.. oh my, sampai pukul 5 pagi main game pun pernah! ) * Sigh!

Besides the tips that you can find online, my very own tips are ofcoz:

1) Feed him enough BEFORE he goes to sleep.. And if possible, add up extra 1 oz, so that baby rasa kenyang, and tak bother to wake up for more.. Do not let them sleep, if tak habis susu tuh or perut kosong ( but if the baby dah minum 5 oz ( depends on your baby minum berapa oz ), then no need to force for 6 oz (that extra oz) kalau dia dah betul2 ngantuk ), and if you think,siang tuh dia dah banyak minum susu, then it's okay to not finish up one whole bottle.. If your child is active in the evening, maybe you want to make sure he gets more susu before his sleep time..

2) Do not wake him up for diaper changing, tapi still make sure dia kering and selesa.. Well i don't know about you, but i always change my son's diaper every 4-5 hours, same goes, kalau siang hari.. This is because, baby's pee at Aidan's age dah start berbisa, and boleh menyebabkan gatal2 and also melecet.. So, it is very crucial to make sure baby sentiasa kering.. Like ourselves, kita pun mesti tak selesa if we were to wear wet pants right?? So, think of our loved ones.. So, what i did, i will make sure, the time for Aidan's next diaper changing bukan masa tido dia.. Aidan akan mandi petang at 6-7, and the next change should be at 12 at night.. and if dia tido awal pun, it is still acceptable to wake him up at this time, because i myself pun tak tido lagi,so tak ganggu my sleeping time.. At this point, i akan sediakan his susu ofcoz.. Change his diaper and feed him, and he will sleep the whole night long, and sedar2 jer, dah pukul 6 which is good for him to wake up dah kan?? So,i pun dah had enough sleep by then, and change his diaper ( walaupun skang Aidan dah tak buka mata kalau i tukarkan diaper dia, pastu sambung tido balik si kicik nih.. hehehe ).. So, good job baby!!

3) If merengek sikit2, DO NOT LIFT HIM UP!! Adalah satu kesilapan to carry him at night.. I learned this from Babycenter.. It is better if kita just tepuk2 dia and try to calm him down, dalam keadaan both of us baring.. And my case, i close my eyes just a little bit, and when he saw this, dia pun ikut i pejam mata, and perlahan2 dia tido.. If you nak, you can sing him a song,but my case, i just go for 'ssshhhh shhhhh shhhhhh', which i learned from Babycenter gak.. hahaha.. copycat me! :P

4) Make it a MUST TIME to SLEEP.. Set the sleeping time for him.. Mungkin you akan rasa like you force the kid to sleep.. If you rasa dia tak nak lagi tido at the time yang you dah set, then make sure dia tak tido like 3-5 hours before, play with him, and let him use his energy in the evening, ( unless your kids takder masalah nak tido bila2 jer pun, like Aidan.. ) hahaha.. Follow the time each and every day,and set also the time yang dia patut bangun.. Like if you nak dia bangun at 7, then,kejut dia, and make it a habit for at least a month, and you'll be surprise yang he will follow the 'wake up' time by then.. :))

5) OKAY!! This one i TAK FAVOR, but sometimes HAVE TO, especially in the evening, kalau i nak buat keje, but Aidan merengek.. Give him what he loves to soothe himself.. Macam Aidan, dia suka apa2 to be put infront of his face, and dia tak hisap dah, but mulut terkumat kamit macam hisap benda tuh.. Sebab tak masuk mulut dah, mummy kadang2 tolerate gak, but i change benda2 tuh, from his teddy, to bantal peluk dia, to simply kain apa2, because tak nak dia stick to one thing yang dia akan panggil 'whatever busuk!'.. OKAY??

6) Swith off the light, and use beam light jer.. Practice this although sometimes parents lagi suka buka lampu, just incase apa2, senang nak tgk baby.. We used to be like this, but now, since dah tak buka lampu at nights, bila i tutup jer, and cuddle aidan, terus dia slowly pejam mata.. He got it, that it is sleeping time! :)

7) Keep on telling your baby it is time to sleep, no susu, no merengek, no cartoon! Hihihi.. Memang he is still small to understand this, but eventually, he will understand.. Don't be surprised! :P

8) Let him sleep on his own, and if merengek sket2, let him try to soothe himself first..
and ofcoz.. Pat his back and whisper "Good job" and give him a good nite kiss that will simply send him off to his Lalala land.. :))

Other tips from Babycenter are:

*Create a Consistent Routine

Try to find a stable routine and stick with it. Putting baby down at the same time each night and waking him at the same time each morning can go a long way towards promoting night time sleep. A good routine can consist of a bath, feeding, a book and then some time in the rocking chair or a quick pat to help him relax.- Ahhhhaaaaa semua orang!!

*Have Realistic Expectations of Your Baby

Try to be practical, and know the difference between how much sleep you'd like to have and how much your child is likely to sleep each night. Newborns can sleep around 15-19 hours per day, but they won't do this all in one stretch. Their stomachs are small, so they still become hungry in the night until they are somewhere around six months. At this time, you will find that your baby is able to sleep longer without waking to eat.

*Institute More Daytime Feedings

Try to feed your child more during the day. Even though your child will likely still wake during the night at least once, you can try to get him to eat more during the day so that most of his nutritional needs are met then, instead of during the night. This is especially true if your child's daytime feedings are short or if he is easily distracted during this time.- terpulang yer, samada your son lebih jerab tido if you feed him enough siang or malam..

*Help Your Baby Relax Before Bedtime

Allow your child to unwind. As adults, we often cannot just hop into bed and fall fast asleep. We generally take some time to relax, read, watch tv or whatever else helps us wind down before we begin to fall asleep. Before baby's bedtime, keep noise and activity to a minimum and create some comfort rituals for him like reading a book or singing a quiet song.

*Don't Be in a Rush

If you're not allowing your baby to cry it out or learn to self-soothe, make sure you take the extra time needed to get your baby into deep sleep. The first fifteen to twenty minutes of baby's sleep is actually rather light. You may find that after feeding and rocking him to sleep, he wakes just as you lay him down in his crib. This is because he wasn't fully asleep. If you take the extra five or ten minutes to assure he is in a deep sleep mode, the difference in how much longer you both will be able to sleep could well be worth it.

*Be Aware of Special Situations

Remember, too, that there will be times when your baby will wake up during the night, no matter what. Be aware during these times, especially if the change in his sleeping pattern is sudden. This may indicate he is going through a growth spurt and needs extra feedings, or it could be the first signs of an oncoming illness.

And few more sources..

Tips for helping baby sleep through the night
•Allow her to go to sleep in her cot
This will make sure she associates her cot with sleeping.
•Don't rock her to sleep first. Let her learn how to go to sleep by herself.
You will be teaching her good sleeping habits. Make sure the room is dark and her cot is comfortable. Don't use too many covers so she gets too hot.
•If you hear her during the night, don't rush in to her straight away.
Babies may wake several times during the night, most times they simply go back to sleep. If she becomes distressed, of course see to her.
•Develop a bedtime ritual
This can be a warm bath, a bedtime story, a cuddle - make it something you will be able to stick to. Don't make it too long and don't make it too exiting, otherwise she'll be wide awake and raring to go! A bedtime ritual reinforces in your baby's mind that it's time for bed.
•Let her have her favorite toy.
If your older baby has a toy or small blanket they are attached to, its ok to put it in to soothe them. When they wake up they will feel more secure if its there. Make sure the toy is safe though.
•Try not to take her out of her cot unless its necessary.
She'll work out very quickly that bedtime is over if you do! Just speak to her reassuringly, try a back rub.
And a few don'ts...

•Don't put your baby down on her tummy
Putting her on her tummy may increase the risk of SIDS. She may inhale more carbon dioxide and she may overheat. Always put her on her back.
•Don't make going to bed a punishment for small toddlers.
This just tells them that bed is a "bad place" and you will have trouble getting them in there at night.
•Never threaten any child with "monsters"
Don't tell them "the monsters will come unless you go to sleep" It will frighten them and of course they won't sleep.

* if you travel and find that your baby susah tido or simply nak merengek jer, not to worry, bukan dia dah balik to his old pattern, just that he is not used to that new place, and that the environment makes him feel a little bit 'tak se-best' katil mummy and daddy kat rumah tuh.. hihihi.. and if ramai cuti sekali like we always do, mmang kadang2 Aidan ada merengek sket2, but not to worry, balik umah jer, start balik the new pattern tuh.. He'll cope.. :)

** tak semua i follow.. you can simply mix and match which ever you prefer.. :)) and THIS ENTRY IS FOR THOSE THAT WISH TO LEARN ON HOW TO MAKE THE KICIK SLEEPS THE WHOLE NIGHT LONG.. To those yang dah tau, JUST IGNORE IT kay?? I am writing on my son's accomplishments for him to read later on, and tips for those who care.. :))
Till then, daaaaaa.. :))

This position of sleeping can only be ignored if siang yer, at night it is a BIG NO NO! as it can cause suffocation and SIDS... Aidan tak pernah suka this position, but now, since he already can terbalik his body, he prefers this position plak.. Well, actually dia suka la since boleh kumat kamit sarung tilam tuh.. huhuhuh.. :P Tuh pun, don't forget to turn him on his back balik plak tau.. :P

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