Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aidan's Entry : " I am making my Mark "

Hehehe.. This entry is about Aidan and his Baby's Record Book..

Aidan who is now 5 months and another 4 days to 6 months old, has already accomplished few things that mummy is sooooooo.. proud of.. Okay, what we just recorded today, by both mummy and Aidan, was on Aidan, making his own marks.. Like in the beginning, how he sleeps, what makes him cry, what is his fav food ( which is too early for him to answer), how he bath, on sneezing parts, stretching, and his fav baju, and cared for by saper??- OBVIOUSLY ME!

Today, mummy and Aidan also worked together on making Aidan's mark in this book of ours, through Aidan's handprints and footprints.. Mummy thought that she wanted to get Aidan a handprints footprints set, but before that, we did one using only brown color pencil ( the fact that mummy is a little paranoid to expose Aidan with chemicals and stuff )..

Actually, during Aidan nyer stay in SDMC, the workers are great enough to give mummy, Aidan's photo that they captured and also his footprints mark, which is soooo cute.. Bila diorang buat mummy tak risau sangat.. Diorang mesti tau apa yang diorang buat, and apa yang diorang guna.. But bila mummy nak buat, mummy fikir 2 kali.. Hehehe.. Tengoklah macam mana.. Mummy dah dapat idea on what to do for the next project with the kicik.. Nyeh nyeh nyeh.. :P

So, here are the pictures on what we did today as a 'team' and few of Aidan's stuff that mummy collected and made before Aidan arrived.. :))

Something to bring me back to February 2009.. :)) up until 13/09/2009 and few days after that.. :))

Aidan is ready to do some footprints and handprints mark, at the age of 5 months plus!

Okay, meh nih tangan.. give mummy.. Aidan masa ni bising.. "Aaaaeeee eee aaaa weeeee!!"

Okay2, jap nak tunggu mummy beli print set or kita guna jer color dulu?? Hmmmm..

Aidan's record book.. :))

This is the page mummy decorate with Aidan's picture from SDMC and tak lekat lagi updates on your arrivals and etc..

Oh my, this is Aidan's first note from mummy.. Look at the date and time.. It was written few hours before mummy went into OT.. Something to let the kicik read later on.. :))

This is Aidan's first letter.. It was written on the day daddy and mummy got to know that we both were pregnant to you.. On how much we love you, and fortunate, and how we thank Allah for sending you to us, and bla bla bla.. All emotional.. :))

Few of Aidan's stuff that mummy keeps in his record book.. Yang dalam plastic tuh, apa??? Cuba teka??

Yes!! Aidan's umbilical cord! Huhuhu..

Last but not least, Aidan's first OWN bill.. Tengoklah, baby lagi pun dah ada bill atas nama sendiri.. kekeke.. Super cute kan?? That's why mummy simpan.. Hihihi.. Bukan suruh bayar balik, sayang.. Kakaka.. Tolak duit raya jer.. Erg!!

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