Friday, March 26, 2010

Mummy's Pre- Birthday Party!!

Location : One Utama - Forever 21, Just Thai, Kiz Sports and Gym, few other shops, Haagen Dazs.. :)

Yeahhhhh, today, my dearest hubby decided to take the day off, and brought us jalan2 just to celebrate me, the birthday girl.. Kekeke.. Okay2, not that he wanted to celebrate me jer, kakaka, the fact that our contractor nak discuss on certain things, regarding our house in Cahaya.. Alang2, daddy kata " Mummy and Aidan siap, jom!! ".. Yeahhhhhhhhh!!

Actually, i was looking forward for a proper party, with my close friends together2, makan2 and stuff, but today is much more special kay, JUST THE 3 OF US!! Daddy, Mummy and SON! Since today pun Friday, ofcoz daddy needed to go for his Friday prayer, and mummy with my kicik, spent time di One Utama, tunggu our daddy.. Huhuhu.. Nasib baik lah Aidan tak meragam.. Yerrr, skang nih kalau keluar, Aidan dah start nak meragam.. Kalau dulu, good boy jer, but skang, bukan lah tak good boy ( :P ) tapi, dia dah pandai nak tengok benda, and his surroundings, so.. he demand for us to lift him up now.. Memang lah agak sukar gitu, sebab Aidan dah berat, and memang sakit gak lah tangan kalau dukung.. Lenguh2 and ketar2 jadi nyer, kalau terlalu lama.. Mak aiiii.. Hehehehe..

Daddy joined us after his prayer, and together, we went for jalan2 from the new wing, to the old wing, and back again.. :) Daddy was so helpful, dukung Aidan most of the time, and mummy able to see this stuff and that stuff dengan hati yang gumbiraaaaa.. Hehehe.. Oh yaaaa, we went to Kiz Sports and Gym gak, just to make a tour on the classes there.. Sebab been thinking to send Aidan to either, Kiz Sports and Gym, Gymboree or Tumble Tots, with mummy accompany him ofcoz.. The girl di Kidz Sport memang nice, sebab willing to bring us for a short tour there, and so far, we haven't made up our mind just yet.. Maybe bagi Aidan lagi sebulan ke dua bulan, for him to be able to bergolek, move around sket2, and duduk.. InsyaAllah, anytime, on your own pace sweet pea.. :))

Hmmm, i also able to do some shopping, on scarfs, and shawls.. :)) I love wearing my hijab, with them, and still learning how to do the 'pintalan'.. kekeke.. The normal ones we saw nowadays pun nice, the one with patterns, attached to hijab terus tuh, but i haven't made any purchases on that just yet.. Barang birthday Aidan pun dah start beli sikit2.. kekeke.. Awal kerrrr?? Hahaha.. Naaahh, bukan apa, just stickers jer.. I kan suka gilerrrrr stickers!! :P

And before we left for home, daddy decided to stop for an ice- cream, and we spent our family time, celebrating me at Haagen Dazs kiosk in OU.. 2 scoops of ice ream, and a waffle with chocolate sauce and fruits topping, really left me, smiling all the way back to Tokba's and felt content and happy sangat, to be able to spend my birthday with two of my fav MEN!! And i just LOVE IT!! This is the best birthday ever, with my kicik together now.. YESS!!

Still, I just can't wait for my birthday party, with the girls, and close friends.. Will update on that later, kay?? Till then, here are some of our pictures from the short- pre- birthday- hang- out di One Utama today.. :) Enjoy!!

Our daddy, all serious masa on the way to our house, since dah lambat, contractor sampai dulu.. kekeke..

Okay, dah sampai daddy, relax kay?? Hehehe..

Haaaa.. macam tuh la.. Senyum sikit lagi daddy.. :P

Mummy ngan Aidan, having lunch di Just Thai, without daddy, since daddy off for his Friday prayer.. Thanks to Uncle Just Thai, yang tolong amikkan gambar nih.. Uncle is also having a baby.. Tunggu hari jer.. Yeahhh!!

Disebabkan Aidan asyik nak suruh dukung, mummy tak bley focus on my food, instead, layan the kicik jer.. Hahaha.. So, better snap pictures of him and mummy.. :)

Yeahhhhhh, daddy!! We love daddy!! He's the bestttt!!! Daddy came and join us after his prayer, and Aidan suker sangat daddy carry him, siap boleh tido lagi.. Hehehe..

Tapi kitorang tetap geng!! Kekekeke..

Come on, snap2** Yeahhh!! :)

Love the picture!! *LOVE LOVE!!

Family En Khairi.. :)

Me and my kesukaan.. Cuba teka apa??

Tau tak apa?? :)

Layan jer bila makan this food.. Boleh terlentok2.. Kekekeke.. Tau dah??

Sekali makan, pasti teruja, and nak lagi.. Hehehe.. Proven, tgk jer gambar.. Kakaka.. Okay2, nak tahu??

Daddy kata : Saya sukaaaaa!! Sangat sedappppp!!

Mummy kata : Yaaaa, kami sukaaaa.. Tihihihi.. :P

Ini diaaaaa.. *JENG3!!... ONIGIRI - Japanese Yummy Food!! Kalau pegi jer wing lama, pasti singgah for it.. Huhuhu.. :P

Short tour di Kiz Sports and Gym..

Mini Merry Go Round.. Aidan sukerrr!! :))

Mummy pun suker gakkkk! Ahaks!! :P

My birthday ice- cream with waffle.. :)

" Happy Birthday, mummy.. Sowwy, tarik tudung mummy sampai senget.. tihihi "

" Thanks sweet pea.. Takper lah, mummy forgive you.. Sian, anak mummy teringin yek?? " :P
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