Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Aidan,

Today, for the very first time, when i looked at you, i saw your 'daddy'.. :) Before this, whoever said that you looked just like him, mummy for sure went.. "Really???" cause i didn't really see 'him', and not that i thought you looked just like mummy either.. That chinese/ japan face of yours always left mummy puzzled.. Mana datang this look, huh? And i remember the fact that i used to adore this Singaporean chinese baby's face when i was carrying you, and maybe that's the reason why..

And now, you are getting bigger and bigger, and cheeky some more, smarter than ever, and mummy is one proud mom, to witness your awesome growth each and every day without fail..

You seemed to understand some of the things that i told you and how i just love your simple respond, that one sweet smile of yours! It's getting harder and harder for me to ignore.. Even when mummy wanted to play 'mother is kinda mad' role sebab sometimes Aidan just nak di- carry jer, and mummy agak keletihan melayan si kicik, but whenever he smile, mummy just melt.. You are one sweet Almond Chocolate Bar!! Kakakaka!! I just love you!! And ofcoz diikuti dengan istighfar panjang.. Wajib!! Kekekeke..

* This entry is for you to read when you are big enough to understand that, you are your daddy's son, and no one can take your place as his first child.. You are our son, and if we happen to have new comers, joining us, the AK's family, you still gonna be our first, but hey, LOVE is to be shared right?? We love you, number 1! :)) Ngeeeee!! :P
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