Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zara's Minnie Party.. :)

Date : 24/04/2010

Venue : Ara Damansara

Theme : Minnie Mouse

Dress code : Pink and black

Hey guys..

Let me take you to Pink and Black birthday party of Nur Zahara, the lovely daughter of my friends, Evie and Azrie, that was held yesterday, at Ara Damansara.. Yeahhh, the theme was Minnie Mouse, and it was such a beautiful ceremony, sweet, simple but very, elegant.. Just like how the mummy wanted it to be.. ELEGANT!

Zara, with her black and pink gown, so cute! And most of the guests also came in the same color theme, except for few others, termasuk lah my kicik, since we were unable to find him black T, or shirt that could have worked with his pink bow tie.. Huhuhu.. Cedeyy!! :( But nevermind, mummy did grab him his Mickey Mouse ears, yang begitu chumelll sekali.. :)

Okie dokie, enjoy the pics.. This is the grand entrance to the backyard where the magic happened.. Hehehehe.. Zara is already ONE!! Yeahhhh!! :))

The birthday girl and the hot mummy!! :))

The VIP's seats.. decorated with Zara's own toys and teddy, leaving nothing but sentimental values.. :)

The birthday cake!! Home made cake from her own aunt, Aunty Jaja.. :) Nice.. :)

2 cakes for Zara, and another 1 was her aunt's.. Aunty Dirah.. :) They share the same birth date..

The eye- catching stand.. For the gifts to be placed.. :)

My Mickey baby!!

Black and pink really work!!

The chumell Aunty Jaja.. :)

To the elegant tent.. The food semuanya sedap.. Good job mummy!! :)

Party favors.. Cotton Candy.. :)

Zara is One, from yours truly.. :)

Makan time.. Take turns, daddy?? Nyeh3.. :)

Love.. love.. :)

From our view.. :)

Geng.. Daddy, Mummy,and Aidan.. :)

I just love the bond that we have created.. Love you, baby!!!

Mummy posed with my kicik sleeping.. :)

Pretty.. :)

Happy Birthday, Zara!!!

Potong cake time!! Yeahhh!

p/s : Happy for you Aunty Evie.. Great birthday party, and yes, the first party is celebrating the parents.. and ofcoz, in your case, with style!! hehehehe.. :)) Muuaxxx!

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