Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hanging out with 'Honey Bun Sugar Cup' aka Siti.. :)

Okay, Siti is a friend of mine that i met through blogspot.. Yeah, another blogger that you may or you might know too.. Since she followed few of the events being held by other bloggers, and the friends she already made from it, i can tell that you guys for sure kenal kak Siti kita.. Kak Siti?? Hahaha.. Okay2, kitorang sebaya.. Fine.. :P

I am actually helping her with her daughter's birthday party for this upcoming May, and the theme dah tukar plak, from Fairytales, tinggal Fairy jer.. Kekeke.. Which is also Super Duper Cute! So, today, both of us decided to meet up for a quick shopping spree for the kicik's birthday party.. Quick tak quick, from 12 noon, sampai kul 8 malam juga lah.. Hahaha..

Since we already agreed with the theme, and the decor part, keje jadi agak mudah.. Tunjuk jer, dia beli.. Hahahaha.. I tolong apa yang patut jer.. Ingatkan i can help him with the real decor later, but for some unforeseen circumstances, i just do the idea parts and provide few of what she needs and she will have to do the real decor with her hubby then.. So sorry my dear.. :( This mummy is up for something later on.. Huhuhu..

Some of the pictures from today nyer shopping spree.. :) Enjoy!

One Utama - Just Thai, Art Shop, Teddy Tales Shop, few babies store, Toys Shop, Safe and Sound Shop, Dorothy Perkins Shop and back to our parking lot, heading to..

The Curve - First few years shop, Mothercare Shop, more babies shop, then heading to..

Ikano - The Brands Shop,

Fuhhhhhh!! Letih.. :) Kekekke..

Waiting for daddy yang keluar jap, before bertolak ke One Utama.. Snap picture dulu.. :P

Mana la daddy nih, yer??

Tadaaa!! This is Siti.. With her daughter Mia, and my Aidan.. :)

At Just Thai, lunch dulu.. Nice! Siakap and kerabu mangga.. Huhuhu.. :)

Aidan dah start kenal orang, and not really comfortable especially when he sees strangers..

Aidan and 'mak'.. :)

'Mak' and 'Kawan Mak'.. Kekeke..

Great one.. Suitable for kids study room.. And in our case, later on, play and study in one room.. Hmmm.. Agak2 nyer, si kicik akan play jer ke, or study gak?? * Scratch2..

Cool ride.. Mummy dah teruja dah.. Kekeke.. It doesn't need any battery, tapi bley gerak sendiri, as long as we play with the handle.. Oh Aidan, cepatlah besauuu.. :)

See, Mia dah try dah.. Huhuhu..

One fine decor in his room later on.. Hot air balloon.. Chomei.. :)

Love you Aidan!!

Dialog biasa.. " Ini mummy saya.." and "INI ANAK SAYA.." :))

Mummy with her Tiara, and Aunty Siti memang tinggi.. Hahaha.. :P

Mia's birthday outfit.. Mia excited ker, mummy dia yang excited nih?? Cuba teka?? Hahaha.. :P

Ohhh, aunty pun excited gak la Mia.. Hihihi.. :)

Upcoming 1 year old Fairy.. :))

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