Saturday, April 10, 2010

The BEST Invention Ever !! And it can be worn from his first day, until he reaches his BIG 3!! WOW!!

Their Moto - He Grows Up, You Save Money! Hehehe..

Yup, we are talking about this new invention ( as far as i'm concern.. :P ) from Mebby (Italy) (love and science), on this incredible Body Up, the bodysuit that grows up with your baby! Yup, you can wear the same bodysuit or romper again and again and again, until your baby reaches his BIG 3! Waaaahhhh!! :))

Reason being of buying this little outfit?? Hmmmm.. Aidan yang currently facing this phase of having a very sensitive skin.. Oh my, rashes here and there, and according to his paed, Aidan really really need to stay dry jer, tak boleh sangat berpeluh.. Hmmm, which is something yang impossible nowadays, since by noon jer, cuaca skang tersangatlah panas.. Huhuhu.. Sometimes i just let him stay in an air- conditioning room, but kalau siang malam air-cond, memang kalahkan menteri.. Hehehe.. So, i try buat yang terbaik, like tukar baju dia 2 times siang hari, or mandikan Aidan early than usual in the evening, or yaaaa, let him stay topless jap siang hari tuh.. Hmmmm..

Thanks to Tokba gak for buying this medicated talc, and bila apply jer, nampak sket perubahan nyer.. But i just tried like 2 days jer pon, and hopefully it will help his skin to be better.. Thanks Tokba!! :)

So, today, i have found out that there is an alternative that i can use to help my little one, which is through this incredible invention of this Bodyup Bodysuits.. :) Well, Mebby Body up is made in a new generation "Hi Tech" fabric that applies new textile technologies, developed for sport and medicine applications, to the needs of the mother and her baby. Body Up Light Vest is made with an innovative combination of fibres carries the sweat outwards, hence keeping the skin dry; the fabric manufacturing, with micro-holes, boosts the breathability and the side ribs 2 help the baby move more nimbly.

Mebby Body up fabric contains silver ions that create a delicate and natural protection of the skin. Silver has always been know and used in medicine for its natural antibacterial activity. Silver ions delicate and natural protection remains unaltered in time even after numerous washes.

The Body up advantages are:

ANTIBACTERIAL: thanks to the silver ions, it reduces bacteria proliferation responsible for itching, redness and odours.

HYPO-ALLERGENIC AND ANTIFUNGAL: thanks to the silver ions,
it reduces allergies caused by fungi and bacteria.

THERMOREGULATORY EFFECT: its manufacture combined with the fabric properties offer high comfort and breathability;is warm in winter and cool in summer.

not have side seams that could cause redness to the delicate skin of babies.

SOFT FIT EFFECT: Its special three-dimensional design makes it extraordinarily soft and elastic and adaptable to any movement of the baby to accompany them in their growth, from the cradle to their first steps.

EASY TO WEAR: slipping the tiny head, legs and arms in it, is a child’s play.

EASY TO WASH: dries in a moments and does not need ironing!
CONVENIENT: thanks to its extraordinary elasticity it's suitable for children from 0 to 3 years old!!!

Available in 3 different colors combinations: light blue/blue, pink/green, grey/orange, White and Yellow, White and Pink, White and Blue

I bought Aidan the one in Blue color as a trial first.. :)

So many colors to choose, and they also have the 4 Season - not suitable for us, hot and humid whether.. The one with short sleeves, long sleeves and sleeveless.. Pilih2.. kekekeke..
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